Wot Numbers

Editing the Tanks / Battles view

After each battle, all battle data are saved to the Wot Numbers database. Needless to say, displaying all this information in the battle view would make a mess. The default battle view is a collection of the most essential information you most likely would like to see after the battle.

However, if you would like to list other data, you can create your own custom battle view:

There are some views already built into Wot Numbers, these are marked as system views. The view marked as 'Startup' will be the selected view next time you start Wot Numbers. Views marked as Show are visible in the context menu of the Battles tab.

To create a custom view, click Add. The following dialog box will appear:

Start by typing a name for your list.

The Favourite Tank List dropdown can be left blank to keep things simple. Choosing a favourite tank list means that you're assigning this view to a specific tank list. This way you can display different data columns when you choose different tank lists, depending on the purpose of each list. Example: If you have made a list of tanks you're using for Strongholds/Skirmishes, you might want to review different battle data than if you're playing random battles.

The Copy from Existing dropdown allows you to use an already existing view as a template. If you just want to alter the Default view slightly, choose that view as your template, and you will save some time.

To start editing your list, make sure the list is selected, then use the arrow buttons to add or remove columns. 

Multiple columns can be selected and transfered at the same time. When adding, the new columns will appear below the column that is marked in the Selected Columns table. You can also use the up and down arrows above this table to adjust the order of the columns.

If you want to group your columns, you can add a separator (a thicker wall between two columns). You can also adjust the width of the separator (the Default view has grouped the damage columns, ratings, etc).

When looking for new columns to add, you can click the categories above the list, as well as clicking the headers to sort the lists alphabetically. If you can't see the whole column description, expand the size of the dialog box.

That should be all! You can also edit the Tank views the same way as descibed above.

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