Wot Numbers

Setting up the Home Screen

The Home View is where you can view your overall progress and performance. The various charts and gauges let you choose between today's results, totals, last month, etc. Click the buttons under each gadget to alter the time filter.

The system offers two pre build views: "Default" and "Classic", and you can also load previously saved views from this menu item:

This is the Classic view:

You can customize and add new gadgets to the view using the "Gadgets" menu:

Click on the "Edit Mode" to be able to move the gadgets to new positions. Some gadgets can also be resized. 

Right-click a gadget to remove it or to customize it:

If you want to switch between different home views. just save it to file from this menu. 

Here you can see my home screen that I have called 'My Default':

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