Wot Numbers

Basic functionality

Navigating Wot Numbers is fairly easy and self-explanatory. Still, here are a few quick pointers for newbies.


There are three main views / tabs to choose from on the far left side of the menu strip. On the Home screen you'll find various tools that measure your overall performance. The Tanks tab will show all the tanks you have used, and the Battles tab will display battle results.

When using Wot Numbers for the first time it will read all your tank statistics, this might take a while so be patient. The Home and Tanks view will after a while show all your current tank statistics, but the Battle view will be empty.

You have to keep Wot Numbers running on your PC while you play World of Tanks to record battle results. When a battle is finished the results will then appear in the Battle view.

Filter and Edit Views

Each view has a context menu in the next section. The context menus are mainly used for editing what data/columns to be shown and for filtering what tanks or battles to be shown.

Capturing Battles

Also note the blue frame around the main window. This means that the application is running and listening to your WoT game client and battle data will be captured automatically after a battle has ended.

Remember that Wot Numbers has to be running and automatic battle fetch must be active to ensure that all battle details are captured for each battle. Read more about this in guide number 9.

If the frame for some reason turns red, you're no longer capturing data. Try switching the listener back on again (Settings menu >> Automatically Fetch New Battles).

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