Wot Numbers

Getting Started

How to install and perform initial setup.

Download and install

The latest version can be found on the home page. Save the file to your local hard drive, unzip and run the installer. The installer is not verified by Microsoft, you will get a warning and you need to click "run anyway". A shortcut will be made on the Windows start menu, and you will be promted to start Wot Numbers automatically after installation.

Initial setup

Wot Numbers has a simple wizard that will run when you start the application for the first time. The first step is to create a new database.

We recommend for most users to create a SQLite database:

The wizard then proceeds with creating your database (this should only take a few seconds):

By now the application is ready for use, only one thing left to say: glhf

Program files

Using the default settings, the application will be installed to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Wot Numbers

All user related files (settings, log file, etc) wil be located in this folder:
%appdata%\Wot Numbers

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