WOT - Missing some battle statistics
Battle results parsing issue with new WOT update

Hi BadButton,

Seems WG has changed things again with the latest WOT update and WOT_Numbers isn't parsing the file correctly.  Some summary battle stats are missing, as are the detailed battle results.  Screenshots below.

  • Moordaemon - 08.12.2020

    The same

  • Zavar - 09.12.2020

    I also just noticed that WOT Number doesn't seem to be able to find game replays, even though the folder path is set correctly.

  • splashrun - 11.12.2020

    yeah, extended battle results stopped working, since xmas thingy.

  • George - 12.12.2020

    yep... im following ...

  • splashrun - 12.12.2020

    maybe WG changed back the battleresults to how it was ..lets test the old wotnumbers!

  • Moordaemon - 13.12.2020

    Bad Button

    No chance for a Update?

  • Stan Lee - 13.12.2020

    Please fix this. I miss challenging Moordaemon on the daily results list lol.

  • Moordaemon - 13.12.2020
    Quoted: Stan Lee

    Please fix this. I miss challenging Moordaemon on the daily results list lol.


  • splashrun - 15.12.2020

    @BadButton reveal yourself!

  • Moordaemon - 15.12.2020

    Another week has passed and the bugs still haven't been fixed.

  • splashrun - 15.12.2020

    He must be on leave, vacation...He is not responding to anything.

  • BadButton - 15.12.2020

    Hi all, start investigation now!

  • Stan Lee - 16.12.2020


  • BadButton - 17.12.2020  

    Only some minor challenges this time, new version released now. 

  • Stan Lee - 17.12.2020

    Awesome. Thanks BB

  • Simonjb - 17.12.2020

    BadButton - you are a star! Many thanks

  • Moordaemon - 17.12.2020

    A proverb says what takes a long time is finally good. Works again. thanks

  • Melimyu - 18.12.2020

    Thanks a lot for this update. Mery christmas to you BadButton cool

  • Zavar - 20.12.2020

    Many thanks BadButton!  Season's Greetings all!

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