Release notes public versions: 0.10 - 0.21
This is a summary of all releases from version 0.10 to 0.21


  • Bugfix rendering main form with proper margins when startup as maximized
  • Improved Message Box
    • Better calculatation of initial form size for showing whole message
    • Added footer with possible to copy message box text to clipboard
  • Framework update for reducing memory usage and for improving code execution
  • Reworked dossier and battle file handling, faster file handling and improved refresh when new battle are found
  • Added support for new map: Glacier
  • Bugfixes and improvements for charts
  • Removed small window/tooltip shown when minimizing app using sys tray icon
  • Bugfix on map view when selecting to show maps without battles


  • Reworked Battle Result Retriever Mod (BRR)
  • Improved Charts, better UX and functionality for removing and updating chart favourites
  • Minor bugfix for total stats gadget, wrong coloring for survival rate icon
  • Startup application improvements, avoiding flickering on form loading
  • Running webservice requests and database updates async, improved multithreading metods for better performance
  • Reworking how the player's WoT server is identified, changed servername from LOGIN to NA and NET to RU, bugfixed identifying server for ASIA players that wrongly was identified as LOGIN/NA server
  • Bugfix in startup procedure for test pilots (fix made by cuddlyTomato)


  • Battle upload to Wot Numbers Website, read more here:
  • Reworked and improved installer, removed unused libraries making install faster and install file smaller
  • Improved the application for faster execution
  • Read about pilot versions leading up to this relese version here: Release notes pilot version (0.20 -> 0.20.5)


  • Support for WoT 9.22


  • Fix battle fetch for WoT 9.21 due to changes from public test to release
  • Support WoT installations on other drives than C: (Appsettings + WoT-tab)


  • Support for WoT 9.21
  • Added new tanks and new map, including images
  • Improved battle fetch, file handling and exception handling and logging
  • Using new WN8-expected values from API:


  • Support for WoT
  • Added new tank images


  • New battle mode filter added for "Grand Battles"
  • Fetching battles from the new battle mode "Grand Battles"
  • Added new tank images (Chinese TD's)
  • Improved WN8 expected values fetch (from WN8 official web site)


  • Support for WoT 9.20.0


  • Bugfix reading team/enemy players information


  • Support for WoT 9.19.1


  • Support for WoT 9.19.0


  • Support for WoT 9.17.1
  • Replacement for version 0.17.2, fixed database upgrade error message after startup


  • Reworked method for fetching latest WN8 exp values
  • Forced run "Download and Update Tanks..." on startup for fetching new WN8 ver 29


  • Included Swedish tank images
  • Reworked charts favourites:
    • Saving battle mode, battle time, X-Axsis, Bullet and Spline settings
    • Removed the separate edit favourite menu toolbar
    • Included renaming and delete in save toolbar button
  • Improved map view by dymamic column width according to font size


  • Added battle count filter to the battle view
  • Improved SQLite backup
  • Included new battle column "Original XP" = xp before premium account and bonuses
  • More info here: Latest pilot versions


  • Added a simple database query tool from the settings menu: "Database Manager..."


  • Added new colum to battle view: "Started" showing battle start time
  • Renamed old column "DateTime" to "Finished" showing battle finish time
  • Saving vBAddict settings to database per player instead of common settings in config
  • Added check for latest res_mods folder for automatic install of Battle Result Retriever
  • Improved the backup feature, better messages when backup fails to run
  • Several bug fixes


  • Support for WoT version 0.9.16
  • Added Sweden to nation filters and battle per nation chart


  • Support for WoT version
  • Reworked Charts: Improved ux, save favourite charts, 2nd Y-axis
  • Added option for editing tank details, can be used for manually enter WN8/9 expected values for new tanks when official values not yet exists
  • Some minor bugfixes and improvements, check all details here...


  • Some modifications for WoT version 9.15.1
  • Implemented new rating: WN9 
  • Improved tank grinding, now with options for grinding completion date


  • Support for WoT 9.15



    • New "Map" view - shows battles per map
    • Added more integrations and features vBAddict
    • Improved "Home View"
      • Saving settings per gadget, possible to have multiple gadgets of same type
      • Possible to save home view setup to file
      • Added new "Total Stats" gadget
    • Reworked "Application Settings" with more options
    • Added new rating RWR (relative win rate)
    • For more details: Previously pilot version release notes (0.10.2 - 0.10.28)

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