Missing data for about a week
Not showing some data columns since 26.9.20

WoT Numbers isn't showing my Team Results, XP, Credits, any Mastery Badges or the Map since 26th September.  Other data is there but not those.

Anyone else with that problem?  Any ideas?

  • Simonjb - 10.10.2020

    The fix was posted about 4 days ago in the thread about "At WOT not more all Work"

    I have pasted the .py file link below to save you looking in the forum...

    direct link (save as...) 

  • Gladiusetscutum85 - 10.10.2020

    Thanks.  Just done that.  Then I did it again, confirming to overwrite the existing file.

    I've played 18 games today and now have the full data ... for 1 game played in the middle of them.  Games before and after don;t yet have XP, Credits, Map etc.  I'll look into it later.

  • Gladiusetscutum85 - 12.10.2020

    Was out all day yesterday so couldn't play.  Just had a few matches now and all seems fine again - all data peresent for today's games

    Many thanks.

  • kmsshaffer - 14.10.2020

    Still not functioning properly.  Once ina  while I can manage to get it to update but the data is not being parsed properly or something.

  • Gladiusetscutum85 - 14.10.2020

    I've done 17 games today and all the data is there.

    What I was going to do if it hadn't worked is uninstall and re-download/install.  It might be worth you trying that.

  • BadButton - 17.10.2020  

    new version just released supporting latest WoT version

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