I cannot use charts

I can't use charts for my tanks.

It says i must choose one tank but i am clicking on a tank with right mouse button and click on charts.

I click on add tank but there i can't choose a tank

  • Desidarius - 03.10.2020

    anyone any answer???

  • Desidarius - 09.10.2020


  • Desidarius - 14.10.2020

    pls guys anyone any clue why ???

  • BadButton - 17.10.2020

    Select tank(s) using the checkboxes.

  • Desidarius - 18.10.2020

    Hello BadButton,

    thank you for the answer. But i do not see those. Is it possible that there is a corruption in my files???

    How can i check that with the logfile?

  • BadButton - 4 days ago

    Good idea to inspect the log file, and you should turn on debug logging. More info here: How_to_find_logfile_and_understand_content

  • Desidarius - 3 days ago

    Hello BadButton,

    when i right click on a tank and click on charts the logfile shows me this error

    24.10.2020 21:08:19 ### EXCEPTION ###

       Source:          WotNumbers

       TargetSite:      Void MoveNext()

       Data:            System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal

       Message:         'Id' column,  does not belong to the table (I translate it from turkish).

       Stack Trace: 

       konum: WinApp.Forms.ChartLineAdd.<ChartLineAdd_Load>d__6.MoveNext()

  • BadButton - 3 days ago

    Since you have multiple problems using Wot Numbers I suspect you have some issues with your PC, perahaps a problem occured with your first install.

    A full reinstall might be your best option, you will miss all your history of previous battles though. You will then have to delete your Wot Numbers applications settings, check more info here: User Guide: Troubleshooting

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