Tank Images
Tank Images are not visible


in my lists are Tank Images not showing.

What am i doing wrong???

  • Desidarius - 03.10.2020

    anyone any answer?

  • Desidarius - 09.10.2020


  • Desidarius - 14.10.2020

    pls guys anyone any clue why ???

  • BadButton - 17.10.2020

    All images are stored in a separate file, perhaps it has been deleted or is corrupt.

    You could try to to run installer and select repair (or upgrade to latest version).

  • Desidarius - 18.10.2020

    Hello BadButton,

    thank you for the answer.

    I updated WOTnumbers. But the images are still missing.

    I repaired the new version too but still no images.

  • BadButton - 4 days ago

    Hmm, very strange. You could try to turn on debug logging and inpect if any errors are shown in the log file.

    Check this article: How_to_find_logfile_and_understand_content

  • Desidarius - 3 days ago

    Hello Bad Button,

    found this in the logfile.

    Source:          WotNumbers

       TargetSite:      Void MoveNext()

       Data:            System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal

       Message:         'smallImg' row ,  does not belong to the table (i translate it from turkish)

       Stack Trace: 

       konum: WinApp.Code.ImageHelper.<LoadTankImages>d__11.MoveNext()


       Error loading tank images for tank: 1

  • BadButton - 3 days ago

    Ok, this was interesting. It seems that the database column that should include tank images are missing.

    This is from a separate database located here: (Use FIle Explorer and go to this location)

    %appdata%/Wot Numbers/Admin

    You should find a file named: Admin.db in this folder

    Check if you have read/write access to this folder, and that the file is present. If you do not have admin permissions on your local PC, this could be an issue.

    This file should be copied to this location when Wot Numbers is started after a new version is installed. Could be missing permission to the folder that is causing the installer to not be able to update the file.

    You should also be able to find a copy of this file in your Wot Numbers installation folder, normally placed here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Wot Numbers\Docs\Database

    You could try to copy this file manually to the folder %appdata%/Wot Numbers/Admin 

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