Add option to find and update battleresults
In order to achieve a permanent "fix" for missing battle results after major update of WoT

I would like to have an option to find and  update the results from the VBAddict directory by mouse-menu selection in WoT Numbers. Is that possible ??

I have BRR installed. In my World_of_Tanks installation folder there is a vBAddict folder which also has .dat files that don't get cleared.  These can be copied to the battle_results folder of WoT Numbers and then WoT Numbers processes them.

I now have to do it manually while it could be from WoT Numbers menu (just add the directory to VBAddict directory in settings ), etc.

  • BadButton - 26.08.2020

    Similar ideas has been posted previously, it is a good suggestion but...

    Wot Numbers are reading both dossier file (complete tank stats) and battle file (individual battle result). Dossier file is read first, this updates total tank stats, and gives some main data for the battle result. Then the battle file is read, and more info are added to the battle result.

    The dossier file is quite stable, so at least some result are recorded every battle using this approach. And if Wot Numbers are not running or not working for a period, all battles will anyway be added to the battle result (with limited data) when Wot Numbers are up and running again. Multiple battles might then appear on one row for the battle result if played multiple battles on same tank. This makes sure the total battle results are recorded.

    Reworking this to only use battle files for showing battle results is a very big job, and in addition support reading multiple stored battle files back in time (ensuring same file is not read twice) will be even a bigger task. It will regardless of method also be quite a vulnerable solution since battle files somtimes just fails to be produced or they could be unreadable. 

    So in other words, even though the idea is good, I just don't have capacity to take on such a big job money-mouth

  • BadButton - 26.08.2020

    Hmm, I did not read fully your idea - and misunderstood the scope of it wink

    This copy-files to Wot Numbers folder for battle files from the vbAddict folder is not that big of a job.

    However, it can be thousands of files in this folder, so I guess there has to be limited to files after a certain date/time.

    Hmm, this might be doable - I'll take a look at it, but cannot promise... sealed

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