KV2(R) results do not show
KV2(R) results do not show

KV2(R) results stil do not show

  • BadButton - 24.08.2020

    Yes, I know undecided

    I am not able to figure out this problem without having the tank myself. I need to be able to do battles with it an investigate / debug the results after each game. I have tried to look at data files from other players, and I suspect taht tank stats for KV2(R) are mixed with regular KV2 tank stats by Wot Numbers. I did not manage to figure out how to solve it just by looking at the data files from others though.

    If I somehow are able to get hold of the tank, then I will do my best to fix it.

  • BadButton - 23.10.2020  

    Please use this article for this problem: