Remove Player from database
Looking for a way to remove player from database

Is there a way of removeing a player from the database? I have been looking and unable to find a post on how to do this. I wish to remove a few sheriff accouts from my DB

  • Okuni - 03.08.2020

    Same for me. I have press account that I want to delete.

  • BadButton - 24.08.2020

    Hi, unfortenately there is no bulit in feature for deleting data for a spesific player in Wot Numbers.

    It can be done manually be deleting data from the database, but be careful if you go for it, backup first!!!

    Data are stored in several tables, so it will be some investigation for you to detect what tables to delete data from. If you can handle SQlL queries you can trying somthing like this:

    1) TAKE BACKUP OF THE DATABASE!!!!! (check user guides for info about it)
    2) Select from settings menu: "Show database tables..."
    3) Select from the dropdown menu "player" to get a list of players the system has recorded stats / battles for.
    4) Make a note of the id for the player you want to delete. in example below this is referred to as XXX
    5) Press the button: "Run SQL". Read the message carefully.
    6) Write the SQL command: "DELETE FROM player WHERE id = XXX"

    This will probably only work if no data are recorded for the player, if tank stats / battles are recorded, then these data must be deleted before the player can be deleted. That will be a similar SQL commands, one for each table.

    Here are relevant tables I found after a short look into the DBMS, but there might be more:

  • Hero - 02.09.2020

    Sorry forgot to put a reply to this, it worked great, thanks for the help!

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