Ranked Battles
No Ranked Battle Stats

Is there no way to see our progress at the ranked battles???

  • BuSH - 27.07.2020

    s485 battles missed wotnumber yell

  • BadButton - 24.08.2020

    Correct, ranked battles are not recoded in Wot Numbers. I can consider adding it - If very many asks for it (please post a reply in this topic).

    In the early days of WoT I added most of the battle types, some lasted short others longer. Takes some time to support new battle types. I got the impression that most users raraly cared about other battle types than "standard" (according to feedback), so I stopped supporting it. I thought it was too much job for nothing yell

  • Desidarius - 25.08.2020

    Hey there,

    thanx for the reply. No its not neccesary. I was just wondering that i am looking not right.

    Kind regards. 

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