Suggestion : Add BASE XP column/Suggested Mastery Class req
BASE XP column and requirements for Mastery Classes

I think my title says it all. 

My idea is based on trying to do 279e 15th missions that require (M) class or (1).

I was going through my WoT numbers get an estimate on what tank would be easier to get these. 

But with all the bonus that are going on, it is impossible to calculate what XP is needed for each tank (M) class or (1).

If it is possible, implement the BASE XP of each battle, it will be of great help. 

Second idea (i know this is a long shot...)

Maybe implement a reverse engineer of suggested reqs for each tank for Masteries or (1) or (2) or (3) class.

I'm doing this already on my own , manually in an excel. 

For exampe if you get (1) with 1100 base XP, and that is 95%-98.9% of best perfomance, you can estimate the range of (1) class.

On upper scenario, this is on the upper range (so its lower threshold is 1055 XP), on the lower scenario this is just above the threshold, so 

we have 1146 base XP. 

Suggested Range 1055 to 1146XP for (1). 

You can work the others classes, the same way, and each new input will greatly improve the accuracy. 

You have a huge database of numbers, so that wouldnt be so difficult for you, and it would work even for our local databases. 

I'm doing this on my own, manually. 

  • George - 25.06.2020

  • George - 27.06.2020

    Well It seems that my formula of estimating the range is not correct, because it is differently calculated. 

    Still with all the huge database you already have, you could come up with a good estimation of the XP required.

  • Kliphie - 27.06.2020

    There is currently a column for Original XP available which shows un-modified XP earned.  

  • George - 27.06.2020
    Quoted: Kliphie

    There is currently a column for Original XP available which shows un-modified XP earned.  

    Am i Blind? I cant see it...

    All i see is total XP, regardless if it was a 2x battle, first victory of the day, or premium account. 

    Not the base XP we see post game, in the teams/tab

    found it, i must manually select the column and is pretty non-intuitve where it hides! (edit batle view)

    Thank you a lot

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