Who is BadButton?
Hi, I am the creator of Wot Numbers, take a look here to learn more about me and how you can support me for free!

Hi all, I started developing Wot Numbers back in 2014 and have kept the system alive since then with help from some contributors now and then. Most of the development happened the first years, while in the latest years it has mostly been small improvements and adding support for new versions of WoT.

Beside World of Tanks and Wot Numbers I have a lot of other hobbies as well. I really enjoy video editing, different kinds of DIY projects, and in recent years I have had much fun rebuilding old and cheap motorcycles. I decided to combine these hobbies and ended up with a YouTube channel where I share some of my DIY projects. 

If you want to support my work, but you do not have the opportunity to be a Patron or submit a PayPal donation, you can support me by checking out some of my videos. It would help me even more if you subscribe to my channel, but of course i don't expect you to do that unless you enjoy my Youtube content  smile

My real name is Kjell Inge Hestad, on YouTube I use a shortened version: K.I. Hestad. Just click on the banner above, or the link below, to visit my YouTube channel.


  • DuggieNZ - 13.06.2020

    Nice to get to know the man behind wot numbers :)

  • George - 25.06.2020

    keep up the good work, and i hope pursuing your passion is at least partially financially supported. 

  • D0ct0rDave - 18.10.2020

    If you need some help with WoT numbers, may be I can help.

    I work as a full time programmer.

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