Cannot install new version
missing character in path

When I try to instal the 25.9 version i get an error that says invalid character in 'Program files (x86)' and then the installer terminates

  • BadButton - 29.12.2019

    Try to use default path when installing, or make sure you do not use special characters if selecting or adding a custom path

  • Baltboy - 13.01.2020

    The program would not let me select a path because it was trying to use the path of the already installed version which didnt exist anymore. I had to go through the registry and manually delete all reference of Wot Numbers before I could install again. It would be great if the installer allowed you to choose a path during install rather then forcing the use of the old path.

  • BadButton - 08.03.2020  

    You will have to uninstall first to perform new installation on anther path. It is not normal to have a feature for "moving" an installed program in Windows.

    If for some readon a program does not exist anymore on your pc, but windows thinks so, it normally still shows up as an installed system, and it should be possible to uninstalling it from Windows "Apps & Features"

    Even if uninstalling and reinstalling is done, all your previous settings are kept in the %appdata% folder.

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