dismissing 'new version' popup still launches browser
as per the title

The WoT numbers app shows a popup when a new version is available for download, mentioning you should press 'ok' to go to the download page. If you close the popup by clicking the X however, the browser still launches. I would expect the behaviour here to be just dismissing the popup, rather than include said action.

Additional background: I regularly have 200 tab sessions open so I close my main browser to play WoT (I use a lightweight second browser during gaming), however due to the behaviour above I am stuck at opening and closing a huge browser session again.

  • BadButton - 10.11.2019

    You should always upgrade to latest Wot Numbers version, that is why there is no "Cancel" button for this popup. Wot Numbers will notify you on each startup and redirect you to the download page until latest version is installed.

  • Bartman - 16.12.2019

    As mentioned, right now it forcibly launches a browser (including, at the moment of writing, 138 tabs) that I have just closed for resource purposes.

    if I click a black X to close the popup (which, I have to emphasise, in no way implies I won't download the update), I don't expect an external action to be performed money-mouth

    This is not about keeping it up to date, but expected behaviour. It would make more sense if the app itself shows its outdated status in its main window (or performs an auto-update, which most apps tend to do now), rather than launching an external, potentially very taxing process.

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