wrong stats in multi-nationed vehicles.
wrong stats in multi-nationed vehicles.

Please check the screenshot, it is self explanatory. 

Multination vehicles, report 2 battles at the same time (one for each nation) while i obvisoulsy played just one battle. 
I don't know if it also messes the daily average stats...      
Thank you for your time  and  once  more,  thanks  for  the  excellent  work


  • BadButton - 17.10.2019

    Thanks' for the bug report. It seems to be a similar situation as with IS-2 available both as standard and premium tank, this tank is also reported twice per battle.

    Will investigate the issue. 

  • BadButton - 17.10.2019

    Tested it with Polish crew, and it worked out fine for me.

    Have you equipped the tank with both Polish and Soviet configuration, and played with both of these?

  • cmdrTrinity - 19.10.2019

    I can confirm that the Wot Numbers is affected by this change. However, an extra row is displayed only the first time you use the tank after it became multinational. It is triggered either by using it as the new nation or after you run "Download and update tanks" from the settings menu.

    This happens because WoT is now reporting data on two separate tank id's, and both of these contain all historical data for the battles you played previously. WoT Numbers gets a bit confused by this, and assumes it's an entirely new tank, therefore displaying an extra row with average values for this "new" tank (in my case the average values for 129+2+79=210 battles on the "old" Rudy). Then, the next battles will be displayed as single rows as normal.

    The tank list will initially show the same number of battles on both tanks, but then start to add battles separately.

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