average tier in charts
this is related to chart making to monitor progress in stats


I woud like to have a chart plotting the average WN8 (over all tanks) against the average tier played.

However there is no such thing as average tier to select when the menu for adding in a chart is selected.

  • BadButton - 17.10.2019

    Interesting approach. Do you have an suspicion about playing tanks witin a certain range of tiers result in better or worse WN8? smile

    I will take a look at it, should not be to hard to add average tier played,

  • BattleHook - 26.10.2019

    Thanks for looking in to it smile.

    I suspect my average WN8 rating in tier 10 to be lower than for example tier 8 or 6.

    But if I improve, I would also like to see that in the charts wink

  • BadButton - 31.10.2019  

    New charts added, check the release notes.

    Hope it works as expected smile

  • BattleHook - 31.10.2019

    I  will look into it. thanks in advance smile

  • BattleHook - 31.10.2019

    Yes, works like a charm, Thank you.

  • BadButton - 10.11.2019

    Great, glad to hear it worked wink

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