Wrong Tank Names on Stat List
Wrong Tank Names on Stat List

The Stat List page is displaying the wrong tanks names and appears somewhat random.  For example, my last 5 games played were in the AMX 1375GF and the Setter but Stat List is showing Standard B and 53 TP.  

  • Kliphie - 24.08.2019

    Bump, Tank name are still wrong on the Stat List

  • BadButton - 25.08.2019

    Updated the web with new tanks now, hopefully it fixes this problem.

  • Kliphie - 26.08.2019

    Stat List still displaying wrong tanks on battles, rest of the info is correct.  

  • Sabcoll - 29.10.2019

    As far as I can tell this Problem still exists.

  • Sabcoll - 07.11.2019


  • Sabcoll - 12.12.2019

    up! Still the same issue!

  • Nobody33 - 17.12.2019

    NEW wrong Tank Names on Stat List

    Unknown_44982 = Object 703 version II

    Unknown_46865 = E 75 TS

    both new Tier 8 Premium Tanks

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