Incomplete battle results
Missing game stats but replays are "correct"

Pic says all. 

And I have post-game stats readable in-game.

  • cmdrTrinity - 14.05.2019
  • - 16.05.2019
    Quoted: cmdrTrinity

    I know, but why if I can open replays? From where Wotnumbers get the numbers then? 

    If you're starting Wot Numbers after having fought several battles in the same tank, Wot Numbers isn't able to distinguish what happened in which battle. Instead it displays one line for each tank that has been used during this "blackout" period. Note that on these occations you can hover over the Tank Name, Result and Survived columns to to review the number of battles, number of vitories, etc.

  • cmdrTrinity - 18.05.2019  

    Litterally stated in the first line of the article :)

    The way Wot Numbers pulls data from World of Tanks is by listening and reading data from two files that WoT client updates (dossier file) and creates (battle file) after each battle.

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