collecting data for analysis
battleplayer, tank, battle files

I'm looking to do analysis on team balance and how games play out.   

The relevant data I'm looking for is contained in the following files in the database:



tank (not sure if this file is the same for everyone so just to be certain)

if any volunteers would be so kind to post it to a site and pm me the link to it that would be very helpful.  So far I only have data from me and one other person, and it is already giving useful information with regard to team balance.

Thank you

  • BattleHook - 04.05.2019

    I don t understand what you need or expect. Can you clarify more ?

  • NeatoMan - 05.05.2019

    Within your WoTnumbers.db file there are two files (you can see them with a SQL viewer) with battle information and information on all the players and tanks in your battles.  These are called "battlePlayer", and "battle".  A third file stores tank info, so should be the same for everyone, but i'm not sure, so I requested that one too;  it's called "tank").

    I can use the data files to gather information on team skill balance, blowouts, and a number of other team comparisons.  I got about 2.5k battles from me and one other.  So far i've been able to develop a good formula to assesses team balance, but need more to break it down by tier, class, etc. and further test its accuracy

    We used SQLlite to get the three specific files out of the WoTNumbers.db, and shared them on dropbox.

  • _tbird_ - 21.05.2019

    In Exchange i can give you my db-File with 1100 battles.

    I am currently also programming an analysis website for the local wotnumbers sql3.db for personal interests. 

  • NeatoMan - 21.05.2019

    here ya go

  • _tbird_ - 21.05.2019

  • NeatoMan - 21.05.2019

    forgot to mention, those are NA server battles

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