WOT Numbers, XVM and YasenKrasen which is most accurate?
wn8 results

I get 3 different stats with these apps. Which one is most accurate? WOT Numbers, XVM mod or YasenKrasen? For wn8 results????

  • BadButton - 11.07.2019  

    Hi, we have had a lot of testing when we built the WN8 calculations, so I hope the one in Wot Numbers are correct laughing

    Remember that WN8 expected values changes over time, so old battle result might be calculated with old WN8 expected values. It is possible to update to latest WN8 expected values from menu: "Download and Update Tanks". 

    Recalculate your WN8 ratings from settings menu: "Recalculate Tank Data" and "Recalculate Battle Ratings"

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