Today Update from WOT
Missing Funktions

no max. Tier, no Total XP, no Credit Results, no Mastery Bagde, no Maps

  • Zavar - 21.03.2019

    I'm seeing the same thing.  Strangely enough though, the double entries for the KV-2(R) are gone.

  • bluTIGERsabelzahnTIGER - 21.03.2019

    Sadly the same by me too.. Any information about an estimated fix for it? :) 

  • BattleHook - 22.03.2019

    and no team results, number in platoon, etc. since update to

  • BadButton - 23.03.2019  

    New version released now.

  • Zavar - 23.03.2019

    New version working well!  Thanks BadButton!

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