Mismatching / wrong battle stats
Mismatching / wrong battle stats

The program is reporting weird / wrong stats on some battles:


This is the initial battle report. Notice how the damage and WN8 dont match at all.


This is the ingame battle report.


This is after i clicked "recalculate battle rating".

Same thing happened to me yesterday with a game on Progetto 46 where i did 3.9k but it recorded about 1.8k.

  • cmdrTrinity - 10.02.2019
  • OnlyHazeRemains - 10.02.2019

    The middle screenshot above clearly shows that i clicked on the post game stats in the client.

  • cmdrTrinity - 11.02.2019

    The battle you have marked is a recording of several battles. This will occur if you don't run Wot Numbers while playing a battle. The next time you record a battle with that tank, Wot Numbers will display these two battles as one row with average values for the battles. Mouseover the tank name and a few other cells for additional information.

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