Calculating my most profitable vehicle
Working out which makes most

I'm trying to work out which vehicle I make most net profit from, overall.  I can see that  WoT Numbers has a Credits Result column, but mine is blank.

Reading through the forum, I found an article with "This problem will be reduced if you install the Battle Result Retriver (BRR) mod from menu: Settings + WoT Game Settings. This mod will force WoT to create battle files for finished battles without having to open the post game stats." 

Question:  OK, this may sound dumb but where is that Settings entry?  In WoT there are two, one in the opening screen and one in-game.  Or is it in WoT Numbers somewhere.  Or ...

Next question:  Am I right in thinking that BRR comes from VBAddict?   If so, his site has been down for a while after a hack.  Is there anywhere else safe that I can get it?  Or something else that will do what I want, without having to do it myself manually after each battle?

  • Riooka - 07.02.2019


    There is a credits per minute column, which is perfect for this information.

    the install BRR option is in wotnumbers, its only one click.

    there is a "settings" gear somewhere up right in the menu, and under it you can find the wot game settings if i'm correct. 

    I have the same issue since 1.4.

    before that it was working fine.

    i beleive a new release is under development. testers can use a newer version, I guess it's already working.

  • Gladiusetscutum85 - 07.02.2019

    Thanks.  Found it now.   For any others followingf this, it's gear/Settings icon in the WoT Numbers program, then Application Settinga > WoT tab.

    It says I have BRR already installed, gives me the option to uninstall and then a tickbox for "Check for BRR on startup" - which is ticked.

    I'll have another look after a few games or maybe wait to see if WoT Numbers updates and that fixes it.

  • BadButton - 07.02.2019

    The BRR mod came originally from vBAddict, but it was broken half a year ago so we reworked it.

    It is not 100% reliable, but works most of the time.

  • BadButton - 07.02.2019

    Also remember that you have to restart WoT game client after it is installed, WoT read mods on startup.

  • Gladiusetscutum85 - 08.02.2019

    WoT Numbers did an update today to 0.24.2 (42074).  At some point I also uninstalled/re-installed BRR.

    Starting WoT Numbers and WoT again this evening, I'm now seeing a lot more of the WoT Numbers columns filled.  The Team Results, Total XP, Credits, Mastery Badge and Map colums are now showing info.  The Credits line seems to be net credits after costs are taken out.
    That's pretty good!  cool

    I can also copy and paste that info into an external spreadsheet but I'm wondering if there's already a way to export it, possibly in larger chunks than is manageable in a manual copy/paste?  I'm not that familiar with the programe yet.  If not, perhaps that's an option that could be added?


  • cmdrTrinity - 09.02.2019

    You can add filters from the top menus to show all battles or whatever you like. Copy all with ctrl+A and ctrl+C.

  • Gladiusetscutum85 - 09.02.2019

    I have now discovered the Group by average feature which seems to do pretty much what I want.  Sufficient for my general needs anyway.

  • dontknock - 12.02.2019

    In case you don't know, you can add/edit views to show things like how many shots you fired, cost of ammo, cost to repair,  if prem tank, etc.  So you can dig into costs and profits and why.

  • Gladiusetscutum85 - 12.02.2019

    Thanks.  No doubt I'll get to know more as time goes by and I see things I missed at first.

    I looked  at WoT Numbers last night after some Frontline matches but couldn;t see them, so I'm guessing they don't register for some reason.

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