Make it possible to delete forum user account
This is essential functionality, especially given GDPR.

I signed up today but have since noticed the site doesn't support HTTPS and there seems to be no option to delete an account, once created.

Is it possible to delete my wotnumbers account via the website? If not, please consider this a bug report / feature request.

GDPR insists that people can unsubscribe and remove their data, so this could be a problem for the people running the site.


  • cmdrTrinity - 25.01.2019

    Good idea. We'll add an option to delete your account, while retaining your battle data.

  • BadButton - 28.01.2019

    Thanks' for the feedback. I changed the topic type to "Idea" just to better keep track of it. 

    We will implement this.

  • Manimanbat - 16.02.2019

    Thanks for the replies. It might be important in order to comply with GDPR to give people the option to delete their battle data too, I'm not sure. You'd need to check whether it still counts as "identifiable data" once an account is deleted. If it could be identified as a particular WoT player, it would probably need to possible for that player to request it be deleted with their account. 

  • Manimanbat - 26.06.2019

    Any progress on letting people delete their account? I'd like to remove all of my data from your servers, but I still can't do that. Come on guys, this is the basics...

  • BadButton - 11.07.2019

    Sorry for slow progress on this, it will be taken care of soon.

  • Manimanbat - 24.01.2020

    Wow. Still can't delete an account. WTF? This is a basic requirement. It's unthinkable you didn't include it from the outset and you've been sitting on it for a YEAR since this post was created?

    Please people...

    By not allowing people to remove their data you're breaking the law

  • BadButton - 31.01.2020

    Ahh, yea sorry again for not solving this. The development has been on a minimum level last year, and development on the web site has been close to none  money-mouth

    Will fix it now.

    Thanks' for your patience!

  • Manimanbat - 06.02.2020

    I came here because you said "Will fix it now". But 6 days later, it's not yet fixed. 

    It's a delete operation on a list in a database. It's one button to add to the profile page.

    You can do this ...

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