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Please add more Filters to the Stats Page, so i can check for Ace Tankers

Dear Community,

I'm currently stuck at some Ace Tanker Personal Missions in Wot Personal Missions 2.0.

Therefore I'm always curious what's neccessary to get an Ace and on which tank it's easy to farm.
So right now I'm checking on WotReplays but i guess this site has some serious potential and I'd like to ask if its possible to add more filters to the page?

Thanks  in  advance!

  • cmdrTrinity - 25.01.2019  

    We could look into adding a list of battles for each tank on the web version of Wot Numbers. When sorted by XP it should indicate roughly how much you need for an ace tanker medal.

  • Sabcoll - 07.02.2019

    That would be great :)
    Highly appreciated!

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