0.23.0 update
Battle Details Exception

When going to battle details and selecting Team Overview etc causes a Handler Exception for me. Is it just me or is anyone else seeing this?

  • BadButton - 07.12.2018

    Thanks' for the feedback, I get the same bug. Will fix it asap.

  • BadButton - 07.12.2018  

    Version 0.23.1 released with a bugfix. Hope it works now.

  • The_Rebels_Rogue - 08.12.2018

    You're welcome mate, I'd be glad to beta test if you need anyone. ;)

  • Nobody33 - 08.12.2018

    SU-130PM Bug

    No correct name, no WN8. i use 0.23.1

  • The_Rebels_Rogue - 08.12.2018

    Mate, this thread isn't relevant to that but usually, new tanks take a while to appear. 

  • BadButton - 09.12.2018

    Glad you want to help, added you as test pilot now Rebels_Rogue smile.

    Please start new thread when you have u have something to ask about Nobody33 - if it is not relevant to an existing topic. Correct as Rebel_Rogue commented above, new tanks take a while before they are added to Wot Numbers - you should know that by now wink

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