Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger

the Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager shows as a unknown_61713,  I have tried reinstalling my tanks list, reintalling the app.

It also shows as tier 0.

I am using the latest release  any help please, oh I am not very good with computers :(

  • DuggieNZ - 20.11.2018

    hello does anybody check these forums anymore ?

  • DuggieNZ - 03.12.2018

    still no reply,  has this site gone dead ?

  • cmdrTrinity - 03.12.2018

    Until this bug is fixed, you can manually edit the details from the Tanks list.

    Right click the tank >> Edit tank info.

    Enter these values:

  • BadButton - 06.12.2018

    The tank is missing from WoT official API. Wot Numbers get all tank info directly from WoT. It is possible to check for new tanks from the Settings menu: "Download and Update Tanks...", but the tank still seems to be missing there.

  • DuggieNZ - 07.12.2018

    thanks for the info :)

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