Database problems with install.
Database errors after new install on new computer.

I have installed WotNumbers several times in the past and it just went straight in, only asking me to install the battle retriever files.  I reformatted my computer and am have a lot of problems with the install.

When directed I create the database.  After this it keeps giving me an error something like "error in database or in configuration."  Sometimes it will say " illegal characters in database.

In the past I have never had to put in the location of my WoT folder, since I have one for EU and one for NA.  Always in the past it would just automatically load the stats for whichever I was using at the time.  This time it is asking for folder and for version which it never has before.  Kind of unusual since we are going through about one version a week right now.

I have deleted the jsom file several times so the corruption is not in it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many  thanks


  • BadButton - 08.11.2018

    Sorry for late reply, has been some busy last weeks tongue-out

    Could you take a look at the log file? Could be some clues there.

  • BadButton - 08.11.2018

    By the way, the upcoming version has reworked the database installation process.

    I could add you as a test pilot so you can test it out. If you don't want pre-release version for testing later on, I could just remove you as a test pilot, and you will then only get release versions.

    Please let me know if you want to test it.

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