Empires Border Map Missing
Missing in battle results

With the latest patch and the new Empires Border map, the map name is not showing up in the battle results.  Also get this error when updating Tank Data:

Missing map
New map found: Empires Border missing in Wot Numbers database. Will be added in a later version
arena_id: 59_asia_great_wall

  • BadButton - 20.10.2018  

    Hi Zavar smile

    Added in the latest version just released, should work now.

  • Simonjb - 15.11.2018

    The data for Empires Border is retrieved but the name of the map is missing...

  • BadButton - 06.12.2018

    OK, thanks for the feedback. I have to find the ID for the new map, will fix it as soon as I can get into a battle on this map.

  • BattleHook - 01.01.2019

    according wargaming api

    "arena_id": "59_asia_great_wall"

    Maybe this is of help ??

  • BadButton - 06.01.2019

    I have found the ID now and will fix this quite soon.

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