Incorrect battle details on-line
There seems to be an error which causes the details of uploaded battles to be wrong ...

In  comparing the results of the WOT_Numbers battle summary in the program and the corrseponding data avaialable at the web site I noticed that it seemed I had aced thanks which I didn't think I had perform,ed that well in. I started studying the on-line data in more detail and discovered that some of the listed battles weren't mine at all, I had not been playing a the time listed.

I attach a couple of screenshots, they show the last few battles I played (without much success cool), there are no mis-attibuted battles in this list but you will note that the tank type is wrong 

The (correct) version shown in the program

... and the incorrect version on the web site:

Incorrect - I was not playing the LGC in these battles

  • BadButton - 20.10.2018

    Thanks' for the info. Just updated the tank list on web, please let me know if it is correct now.

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