Unable to recover from installation mistake
Stuck in a situation I created by mistake - a "Catch 22" for those who know what that means :-)

When doing a fresh install after a total system crash I decided to use the option of not having a database created, I figured I would get enough information to a) find the old one on the crashed drive (it just won't boot, I can access the files) and b) plug it into the appropriate location.

I was therefore a bit surprised that the installation did not suggest a default location/name for the database (so I could find the old one). Not only that, I am unable to undo my error, I have tried repeating the install, restarting and then repeating it - but the program remembers I didn't want a new data base to be created and simply skips that step, instead complaining that there is no data base :-)


  • cmdrTrinity - 11.09.2018  

    If you want to look for your old database, the default database folder should be C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Wot Numbers\Database\. Go to Application Settings >> Main >> Database Settings. Choose Select File and browse to your old database.

    If you cannot find your database you also create a new one from the same place :)

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