Execute a Secondary Emergency Battle Extraction Process
Suggest incorporating something like YasenKrasen's Battle Statistics program to at least give some battle information

Suggest implementing something like YasenKrasen's Battle Statistics program to at least give/display some battle information when a catastrophic failure occurs in your existing system


Then, when your existing system is back up and running, turn the secondary off

What do you think - I know a bit of work - just a suggestion at this point in time


  • Crooze66 - 05.05.2018

    That's exactly what I did.

  • BlackArmorTech - 05.05.2018

    Ahhhhh - me too but ....

    I mean to incorporate the code from YasenKrasen within WoT Numbers so at least we can get some stats for each battle - all be it minimal - until the main program or programs are up and running again

  • BadButton - 08.05.2018

    This seems to be an in-game mod? Is it?

  • BlackArmorTech - 08.05.2018

    Hi Bad

    Yes - one installs the mod and it runs automaticaly while in battle and after battle - it displays the stats after battle - nice little program - see my link in previous post

    My thought was to use it's concept (creates one json file containing the stats for each battle during a 'session') to create a similar file to be used as an alternate source of data for your battle(s) - e.i. transfer the json data to your sql database? Just thinking out loud here

    It by no means produces the data that your app collects after each battle but gives enough data after a battle to chug along so to speak

  • BadButton - 10.05.2018

    Thanks' for the information, and for the idea. 

    I will take a look and see if the parsers used for getting game results (triggered after each battle) can be improved. This component was originally made by Phalynx at vBAddict, but after his retirement we mange this ourselves now.

    It is now built in a way that it wil fail completely if any of the data structure is changed. I'll check if this can be improved.

  • BlackArmorTech - 10.05.2018

    Sounds good and welcome back

  • BadButton - 07.06.2018  

    The procedure unpacking the dossier file has been improved slightly, will be implemented in the next version.

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