Previously pilot version release notes (0.16.1 - 0.17.0)
Version 0.17.0 (released as official version) Included Swedish tank images Fix bug for gadget "Tank Type Grid" i...

Version 0.17.0 (released as official version) 

  • Included Swedish tank images
  • Fix bug for gadget "Tank Type Grid" if tank exists with tank type unknown

Version 0.16.13 

  • Reworked charts favourites, now also saving battle mode, battle time, X-Axsis, Bullet and Spline settings
  • Removed the separate edit favourite menu toolbar, included renaming and delete in save toolbar button
  • Improved map view by dymamic column width according to font size
  • Fixed battle data fetch for new map "Paris"

Version 0.16.12 (released as official version)

  • Fixed rare bug for home view gadgets when tank with unknown type or tier exists
  • Improved SQLite backup
    • Release database locking before backup for avoiding database file beeing locked
    • Added option to set backup interval 0-7 days (0 = no automatic backup)
    • Thanks to KungFuCharlie for contributing as developer on this task smile

Version 0.16.11

  • Reworked method for showing x number of latest battles, should now work in combination with other filters

Version 0.16.10

  • Added battle count filter to the battle view
    • Possibility to show x number of latest battles, possible to edit battle count intervals

Version 0.16.9

  • Added possibility to save battle files using Settings + Options
  • Added new battle column: "Original XP"
    • Showing xp before premium account and bonuses
    • Only for new battles, previous recorded battles will have no value
    • Possible to run script from Settings + Database Manager + "Run SQL"
    • If you ONLY have played with premium:
      • UPDATE battle set xpOriginal = xp / 1.5 where xpOriginal is null;
    • If you NEVER have played with premium :
      • UPDATE battle set xpOriginal = xp where xpOriginal is null;

Version 0.16.7

  • Updated tank image database

Version 0.16.6

  • Bugfix WN8 chart for all tanks, also improved calculations for WN8 per battle

Version 0.16.5 

  • Bugfix saving home view to file
  • Improved the backup feature, better messages when backup fails to run

Version 0.16.3 and 0.16.4

  • Improving dossier data read to optimizie file parsing
  • Bugfix dossier data read

Version 0.16.2

  • Added check for latest res_mods folder for automatic install of Battle Result Retriever
    • On Wot Numbers startup the system scan res_mods subfolder and select the subfolder with naming x.x.x.x with highest number, and uses it as default res_mods folder. 
    • This is used for installing the BRR mod into correct folder, and avoids need for new Wot Numbers version when WoT micro patches are made.

Version 0.16.1

  • Added new colum to battle view: "Started" showing battle start time
  • Renamed old column "DateTime" to "Finished" showing battle finish time
  • Improved enemy clan data fetch for battles
    • This is due to possibility to add players from other clans into skirmishes
  • Bugfix calculating battle ratings when several battles recorded on one row
  • Changed to saving vBAddict settings to database per player, instead of common settings in config
    • For players with several accounts, individual vBAddict token and upload settings are now possible

  • BadButton - 11.11.2016

    Please test the new battle count filter. When starting up this version a database update is automatically running, without any message. If startup is very slow, or makes the progam freeze, please let me know. 

  • Zavar - 11.11.2016

    BadButton - Many thanks for adding the battle count filter!  Tested it a little and no issues so far.  Will continue and advise if I come across any problems.

  • Zavar - 11.11.2016

    Just found one item, it seems the battle count filter is applied after the battle mode filter.  So for example, if I select random battles and the last 1000, I get less than 1000 battles showing up.  Is this the intended function?  I would have thought it would show me the last 1000 random battles.

  • BadButton - 12.11.2016

    Hmm, it seems like the combination with other filters the battle count filter will not work properly. Have to look into this and rework the filtering method to fix this.

    Thanks' for the feedback.

  • BadButton - 15.11.2016

    New version released, hopefully the latest battles filter now works better.

  • Zavar - 22.11.2016

    Battle filters seem to work better and I am getting more results, thought it still isn't exactly the X number entered.

  • BadButton - 26.11.2016

    Tanks's for feedback Zavar.

    The system do not "split" battle rows when several battles are recorded into one row. If you play 15 battles with the same tank one day and forget to start Wot Numbers, then these will be recorded into one battle row. Showing latest 10 battles will then be impossible, because the latest row alone show 15 battles. 

  • Zavar - 28.11.2016

    Thanks BadButton.  Confirmed this today.  I filtered for the last 1000 battles and 981 rows showed up.  Going through the battle results there rows that contained more than 1 battle, for a total of 19 battles, so it would look to add up properly!

    I really really like this feature.  Thank You for adding it!

  • BadButton - 28.11.2016

    Latest test pilot version released as official version to the public.

    Thanks for idea from Zavar and for testing the new battle count filter. Also thanks to KungFuCharlie for contributing to the latest version as a new developer in the Wot Numbers Team smile

  • BadButton - 29.11.2016

    Please test the new chart features regarding favourite charts, and give me feedback if you find any bugs.

    Some testing suggestions:

    • Check if your existing favourite charts works as normal (if you have any)
    • Clear the chart, add some chart lines, change battle mode or battle time filter
    • Save as a new favourite - name it "Test1"
    • Clear the chart, add some other chart lines
    • Change battle mode, battle time, select X-Axis: Battle, and bullet + spline
    • Save as a new favourite - name it "Test2"
    • Switch between the two favourites and check that all menu toolbars change correct and chart shows correct values
    • Select favourite "Test2", press save button and rename it to "Test Changed"
    • Check that favourite dropdown menu is correct
    • Select "Test1" press the save button, and then delete
    • Select "Test Changed" press the save button, and then delete
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