RAM usage
Wotnumbers is using a huge amount of RAM


Noticed yesterday that Wotnumbers is using a lot of RAM. The amount of RAM used is keep increasing while the program is running. I've seen usage up to about 10 GB of RAM.

Is this a new behaviour or is it by design?

  • BadButton - 28.03.2018

    Normally Wot Numbers uses 100-200 MB ram.

    Did this happen only once, or does happen every time you use the app?

  • Piroger - 28.03.2018

    When WoT is not running, Wotnumbers is using 7-800 MB. When WoT is running, then I get this increase in RAM usage. It builds up over time so to speak.

    And yes, every time it has this same behaviour.

  • BadButton - 29.03.2018

    Seems like the application is using a lot more memory now than previosly. Will investigate the code and try to improve this. 

  • BadButton - 30.03.2018

    Improvements made for next version, will be released soon.

  • Mike_Oscar_India - 01.04.2018

    After 3-4 hours of play yesterday, my computer was very sluggish, but cpu was only at 15-25% load. Wotnumbers occupied 12 of my 16 gigs of ram and there was a lot of activity on the swap file.

  • BadButton - 01.04.2018

    A new version is built with a huge framework rework for (hopefully) solving this. Testing is in progress, hope to release the new version soon.

  • Piroger - 02.04.2018

    Thanks for the update!

  • BadButton - 08.04.2018  

    Hopefully this is now fixed in latest version 0.20.17.

  • Piroger - 09.04.2018

    It did! Great work! cool

  • BadButton - 11.04.2018

    Great, thank's for making me aware of the problem, and for the feedback wink

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