Battles not registering
Some games don't show in the WoT Numbers battles overview

I've played two games just now, neither of which appears in the battles list. The log file only contains a single entry for the past five days however:


Start logging: 12 Mar 2018 22:55:05



16 Mar 2018 21:20:32 ### EXCEPTION ###

   Source:          WotNumbers

   TargetSite:      Void MoveNext()

   Data:            System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal

   Message:         Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

   Stack Trace: 

   at WinApp.Code.Battle2json.<RunBattleResultRead>d__14.MoveNext()


   Battle result file analyze process terminated due to faulty file structure or content


Don't know exactly when this started happening, probably with the latest patch.  I'm also not yet sure what the pattern is, but it doesn't seem to be limited to specific tanks.

  • cuddlytomato - 18.03.2018

    Are you using the latest wotnumbers version?

  • Bartman - 18.03.2018

    Of course, autoupdate is on. 0.20.6.

  • Bartman - 19.03.2018

    A bit more info: one of those games last night showed up a bit later with the inconclusive result, "several, some" etc. When it did finally appear, it was in the order played just like the subsequent games (at least those that didn't disappear), so I assume there's a local problem of some sort while parsing battle results. A few more games did not show in the battle results later on last night.

    Tonight no games disappeared.

  • BadButton - 08.04.2018  

    A new version is just released with some improvements for getting battle results. 

    Please check here for more info about battle fetch: Understanding Wot Numbers data capturing

  • Bartman - 15.04.2018

    Thanks, will keep an eye on it. Used the new version last night, I don't think anything was missing.

    And interesting article! So you have to actually *open* the post game stats window, in order for the corresponding file in your game dir to be generated for WoT numbers?

    As far as "some" and "several" are concerned, I keep WoT numbers running continuously (2nd monitor) while playing. Perhaps the fetching improvements have fixed this, but at least in my case there wasn't a blackout period. I'll keep an eye on this one as well, see if it's disappeared now.

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