Do you want to be test pilot?
We have some free spots for new test pilots if you want to help us with testing and ideas.

As a test pilot you will get new releases more frequently than others. You can also influence how new features are implemented.

In return we would like test pilots to check if new stuff is working, and give feedback on bugs. 

There is a risk that you can receive a bugged pilot version. Test Pilots must perform database backup before installing and starting up new pilot versions.

For us be able to add users as test pilots, the alias used on your user account on this website must be the same as your ingame name for your player in World of Tanks.

If you are interested send us an email on: or just leave a reply below.

  • Sabcoll - 08.03.2018

    Thank you for this oppertunity :)
    I'd like to participate and help you devs with my tests!

  • BadButton - 08.03.2018

    Welcome as test pilot Sabcoll smile

  • LcdrSwizzle - 08.03.2018

    Yes, I would like to be of service. I like analyzing data, and before I found Wot Numbers, I used a spreadsheet (to which I entered data from WotLabs!) and enjoyed sorting the data.

    Obviously, Wot Numbers saves me a LOT of data entry, however it has less flexibility. Anything I can do to help this be better ...

  • BadButton - 08.03.2018

    Welcome as test pilot LcdrSwizzle smile

  • Sabcoll - 08.03.2018

    Uhm, where can i report bugs? ;-)

  • BadButton - 09.03.2018

    Just add a new forum topic, and select category "Bug".

  • Sabcoll - 09.03.2018

    Thanks, will do it once I'm home from work.
    I get some startup crash messages on startup, the client works however.

  • cuddlytomato - 10.03.2018

    Can I too be a Test Pilot? :)

  • BadButton - 10.03.2018
    Quoted: cuddlytomato

    Can I too be a Test Pilot? :)

    Nah, have only made it possible to have one badge on the avatar icon, (D)eveloper ranks over (T)est pilot... tongue-out

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