Pilot versions - latest version: 0.27.3
Information to test pilots about new features in pilot versions. Please report bugs and suggest improvements.

Release Notes

Version 0.27.3

Version 0.26.2

  • New column available in both tank and battle view: 
    "Dmg Combined" = all total damage combined = damage done + damage to enemy vehicled you spotted, tracked or stunned
  • Bugfixe from prev pilot version: calculate too high stun on first battle
  • Bugfixe from prev pilot version: database error recalculating battle positions

Version 0.26.1

  • New column available in both tank and battle view: 
    "Dmg Stun" = damage to enemy vehicled stunned by you 
  • Reworked auto re-calculation of old battles on startup, only affecting limited num of battles to avoid long running process on startup

Version 0.26.0

  • New columns available in battle view: 
    "Pos Xp" = Your position on your teams result list by XP
    "Pos Dmg" = Your position on your teams result list by damage done
  • Go to "Battles" view, select menu "Edit Battle View..." and find the new columns under section "Result"

Version 0.23.3

  • Prepared for WoT version 1.4, tested with commont test
  • Reworked default column list for battle view, removing WN7 + WN9, added damage rating used for showing gun mark progress

Version 0.23.2

  • Fix for showing map "Empires Border" 
  • Change in grinding setup dialogue box if setting date as goal. Now showing actual date selected instead of reverting it to actual compleation date according to number of battles left.
  • Added new map "Hinterland" to be released in next WoT version, available in public test 

Version 0.22

  • Improved startup for new users, faster database creation
  • Upgraded libraries to latest versions

Version 0.21.6

  • Supporting common test for WoT 1.1.0

Version 0.21.4

  • Supporting common test for WoT 1.0.2

Version 0.21.3

  • Prepared for WoT 1.0.2

Version 0.20.18

  • Added new nation: Italy in filters and nation gadget

Version 0.20.16

  • Bugfixes when selecting sorting on grids for team tabs for both battle detail and battle summary
  • Improved Message Box, better calculate initial form size for showing whole message, and added footer
  • Deactivating upload to vBAddict on startup since site is currently not working

Version 0.20.15

  • Bugfixes when selecting team tabs for battle detail and battle summary

Version 0.20.14

  • Some bugfixes with async methods from framework change
  • Bugfix resetting default column list for tank view
  • Improved message box, included a "Copy Text" button to make it more easy to copy error messages
  • Removed some unused code for retriving battle result, making battle fetch faster
  • Bugfix selecting WoT install folder from settings

Version 0.20.13

  • Massive framework update for reducing memory usage and for improving code execution:
    • Reworked all database read actions and file logging actions to async operations
    • Reworked dossier and battle file handling, faster file handling and improved refresh when new battle are found
    • Form paint event also runs async, making the app respond faster on user actions
    • Bugfix showing new map name on battle view: Glacier

Version 0.20.12

  • Bugfix installing BRR mod to wrong folder, bug introduced in previous pilot version 0.20.11
    • Version 0.20.11 installed mod incorrectly to: ..\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\modsmod_BRR.pyc
    • Please delete this file manually if it exists

Version 0.20.11

  • Force update BRR, even if no new WoT version is found, to make sure latest BRR mod is used

Version 0.20.10

  • Added new map: Glacier, updated to new map images for all current maps
  • Some small bugfixes, ensuring popup dialogs are centered on parent form

Version 0.20.7

  • Improved Charts, better UX and functionality for removing and updating chart favourites
  • Minor bugfix for total stats gadget, wrong coloring for survival rate icon
  • Startup application improvements, avoiding flickering on form loading
  • Running webservice requests and database updates async, improved multithreading metods for better performance
  • Revorking how players WoT server er identified, changed servername from LOGIN to NA and NET to RU, bugfixed identifying server for ASIA players that wrongly was identified as LOGIN/NA server
  • Bugfix in startup procedure for test pilots (fix made by cuddlyTomato)

Version 0.20.5

  • Added new field "BattlesCount" for upload to Wot Numbers website stats
  • Added new method for auto uploading all battles (for updating current uploaded data) to be run in the background at Wot Numbers startup. This will only to be activated on versions when new data is added for uploading (like this version).

Version 0.20.4

  • Upgraded all .net libraries to .net 4.5, now possible to install on Win 10 without having .net 4.0
  • Added check for .net 4.5 requirement in installer
  • Removed unused Python libraries, improved install time and reduces installer file size (approx 2MB less)
  • Bugifx installer that still used some "debug" libraries insted of "release", making the appikation faster

Version 0.20.3

  • Bugfix uploading battles to web at startup, exception handling for battles with illegal values.

Version 0.20.2

  • Application optimized for faster execution using "release" build insted of "debug" build.
  • On startup all battle data for current player will be uploaded to this website
  • A new menu item "Stats on Web" open default web browser on PC and redirects to players stats page
  • It is required to login to access the stats page, only test pilots will be able to access it
  • Direct link for players: http://wotnumbers.com/Stats/Index/<player-name>/<server-realm>
  • From settings menu a new menu item is available "Sync battles to Wot Numbers website", with two sub menus:
    • Upload new battles: the same method used as on startup
    • Upload all battles: upload all battles for current player
  • The log file will show errors if any battle cannot be uploaded because of invalid values
  • For information about the stats page on this web site check this topic:

  • BadButton - 11.06.2020

    New pilot version, added possibility to show battle details map in separate windows. Greyerulz is regulary streaming on Twitch, and would like this feature to use it as part of his stream for after battle analytics. The original picture was a bit small, now it is possible to resize to full screen view.

    Take a look at Greyerulz Twitch stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/greyerulz

  • Zavar - 11.06.2020

    New feature looks great.  Pilot version 0.27.3 and previous release 0.27.2 are not collecting any battle results from latest patch.

  • MochaDragon - 12.06.2020

    Same here, no battle results from 1.9.1.

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