New feature - Battle Stats
Wot Numbers application automatically uploads the players battles to the 'Stats' section on this site.

A new Wot Numbers version 0.20.6 was released 2018, March 12th.

This is a big change for Wot Numbers, statistics from the Windows application are now transferred to this website making it possible for users to check their latest battle results on web and making it possible for us to do analytics on the data and come up with useful and fun facs for the future.

The new Stats menu

A new top level menu item: 'Stats' is now available on this website. Any visitor, regardless of using Wot Numbers, can use this. It is possible to seach for a user and check the latest battles played.

If you are a Wot Numbers user you can (after login to this site) connect to your Wargaming account to get more features. You can set reduce visibility for your stats, and the system gives you some extra features like automatically show your latest battles, and store other players in a list when you search for them.

What next?

We are not aiming for a replika of the Wot Numbers application on web, and we have not yet decided what features we will impelement on the web yet. In the first phase we just want to test retriving data, check how much data we actually get, and then figure out what to present.

  • BadButton - 05.03.2018

    Test pilot 0.20.2 is just released, stats are now available for test pilots.

  • Sabcoll - 06.03.2018

    How can I get a Test Pilot? :)

  • BadButton - 08.03.2018

    Hi Sabcoll - I just posted a topic about it here: Do you want to be test pilot

  • BadButton - 10.03.2018

    It is now made possible to connect to your wargaming account from My Account - Wargaming Account

    This enables sigend in users to "get control" over the stats transferred from the Wot Numbers application to the website.

    Her is how it looks like, after I have connected to my accounts on EU, NA and RU server:

  • BadButton - 10.03.2018

    The stats section is improved, it is still in development and available for test pilots only.

    Yor stats will be the default one to show up, with possibility to search for other playes and add them to your "friends list".

    The stats are made "mobile friendly", when the screen is small fewer columns are visible to make the list fit to the screen width.

  • BadButton - 11.03.2018

    Test pilots have been using the new Wot Numbers version for some days now, and the battle upload feature seems to work. The feature will soon be released in a official release for all users. 

    Currently these data are now uploaded to this website and available for test pilots:

    Year Players Battles
    All 12 82 598
    2018 12 11 195
    2017 11 42 207
    2016 7 18 825
    2015 3 5 615
    2014 2 3 481
    2013 1 1 275
  • BadButton - 12.03.2018

    Version 0.20.6 is now released as an official version with the stats section available for any web visitor.

  • George - 12.03.2018

    Great Job. 

     A lot of questions.

    1) what happens to old -localstored- data? is it uploaded and merged with web-database? 

  • BadButton - 12.03.2018

    The local database is still your primary database. Upload to web is just taking a copy of the most commonly used data from your battles.

  • MochaDragon - 13.03.2018


    Fantastic functionality addition!  Looking forward to future updates to this feature.

    In the mean time I've connected my NA account to the website however on the website it shows zero battles because the server my Wot Numbers client shows is "LOGIN".  How to properly correct "LOGIN" to "NA" on my local WN client?  See the screenshot below, there are also other oddities.  Thanks.

  • BadButton - 13.03.2018

    In the Wot Numbers application we use the server name reported the game client, and 'login' is server name for NA and 'net' for RU.

  • MochaDragon - 14.03.2018

    Understood, but if I click the "Stats on Web" button in WN I get a link to my accurate stats:

    However if I click on "Latest Battles" button on website it brings me here with zero history:

    Again, the website has my WG account linked but it shows NA on the website but LOGIN on my client.  Thank you!

  • BadButton - 15.03.2018

    This will be fixed in next version.

  • Sabcoll - 18.03.2018

    You should only upload Data from Randoms or add the battle type to the results.
    Otherwise it makes just little sense :)

  • BadButton - 18.03.2018
    Quoted: Sabcoll

    You should only upload Data from Randoms or add the battle type to the results.
    Otherwise it makes just little sense :)

    We fetch battle type for all battles received.

  • Sabcoll - 20.03.2018

    Thats why I said it should be added to the columns or at least add a filter?

    What's the use of stats if i do about 300-700 dmg in a game just because there's not enough hp to do dmg to.

    Just my thoughts :)

  • MochaDragon - 27.03.2018

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the new update, WN now shows my name as NA on the client and is uploading new battles to my NA page on the website.  Is it possible to merge my old LOGIN stats on the website to the NA page?  Thanks!

  • BadButton - 27.03.2018

    Hi, yes this is possible. I tried to make this happen automatically but it seems like it has not worked.

    If your battles are not merged in Wot Numbers app go to: settings and select button for merge players. 

    If your battles are missing on web, select from Wot Numbers app menu: settings + Sync battles to Wot Numbers website + Upload All battles

  • MochaDragon - 27.03.2018
    Quoted: BadButton

    If your battles are missing on web, select from Wot Numbers app menu: settings + Sync battles to Wot Numbers website + Upload All battles

    This worked, thank you!

    Please feel free to delete the old LOGIN stats entirely.


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