Having issue with retrieving API data
Have attempted to unistall/reinstall multiple times. When attempting to populate the database with info from WoT I ...

Have attempted to unistall/reinstall multiple times. 

When attempting to populate the database with info from WoT I recieve the following error : "Input string was not in a correct format." & "Cannot access child value on Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JValue."  This happens when I first set WoT Numbers up and when I attempt to force an update from the API.

...everything else seems to work as advertised except for all tanks appear listed as Tier 1 tanks and win8 data is not available for any tank until it has been through the Recent Battles with the exception of one tank, the M4A3E8 Fury,  which loads up correctly the first time the database is populated.  

Tanks Page

  • BadButton - 31.01.2015

    It seems like the WoT API has changed, thanks' for notify us. Will be investigated asap!

  • BadButton - 31.01.2015

    The change in Wargaming API has been detected, a fix is implemented and now due to testing. Will be released soon.

  • RevODekcuF - 01.02.2015

    Awesome, appreciate the quick responses.  Still enjoyin' the use of the program as is.

  • BadButton - 01.02.2015

    Glad to hear that, we apologize for this problem - the API changes from Wargaming cauth us by suprise. I guess it was us not checking the news from Wargaming good enough, as they actually do inform about these changes... embarassed

    We are in the final stage of testing the new version now, aiming for a released quite soon.

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