Daily gauge reset bug
There is still a bug with the daily reset times of the WR, WN8, and Eff gauges. They are reseting at 5am PST. They...

There is still a bug with the daily reset times of the WR, WN8, and Eff gauges.  They are reseting at 5am PST.   They also are resetting at 7am PST, when the other gauges and charts are reseting (as they should),

Not a big issue, I just wanted to let you know about it.

Thank You for a great tracking tool!

  • BadButton - 10.01.2015

    Thanks' for the feedback. We are aware of this and will go through all of the gauges to ensure they all use the same server reset time. 

    Have to stay up one night to have some test data though tongue-out

  • Nunya_000 - 10.01.2015

    Also, I just noticed that the WR, WN8 and Eff gauges do not record data between 5am and 7am PST. when they are set to "Today".

    As I said, not a big issue (at least for me).

    Question: Can the gauges be "tricked" into reseting by changing the computer time, or does it get it's trigger externally?

  • BadButton - 10.01.2015

    OK, thanks' for more info, this will be useful for debugging and fixing the problem.

    We use the computer time to show correct battles for battle time filters and gauges. When we get battle result from WoT we use a method within Wot Numbers (AdjustForTimeZone) using computers timezone compared with "Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)" to adjust the server time returned from WoT. This should return correct time for battles without any manual settings - as long as your PC is set up correctly.

    We do not recommend to change the system time on your computer, that will cause the time calculations for battle to be off. It will also affect other programs your PC. 

    Be patient, and we will fix this in a upcoming version smile

  • BadButton - 24.01.2015

    A fix for this is now made in pilot version 0.7.7, will be available for test pilots soon. 

    I have temporarely added you (Nunya_000) as a test pilot, so you will be able to check this pilot version when it is released.

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