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As a Wot Numbers user we hope you want to be a Patron and donate $1 (or more) per month - at least for some months.

Just follow this link, and you will be redirected to the Wot Numbers Patreon Site


Wot Numbers has been offered for free for many years. We have discretely asked for donations, but unfortenately this has not been very effective. 

We have to give a shout-out to the few who has donated though - this has been an important motivation for us to continue developing and supporting Wot Numbers.

Even though we have got some donations, we have to to spend money out of our own pockets to cover the cost for developing Wot Numbers and running the Wot Numbers website. 

The project has also been quite time consuming. The Wot Numbers application now has 27 000 code lines and the Wot Numbers website has 3 500 code lines. In addition to time spent on development, we also give free support on the forum, and we do some maintanence work keeping the web server up and running.

Ad free website

As a Patron you will get this website ad free.

Prioritizing ideas from Patrons 

We will do the best to solve ideas from Patrons posted on the forum. We will add patrons as test pilot in this phase, and new versions including the new feature will be available for patrons before other users.

Some ideas might demand a lot of development, so we cannot guarantee that any idea can be implemented. We might have to compromise and find a smart way to solve an idea, and some time an idea is just to complex or we do not think it fit for Wot Numbers. 

    • Okuni - 20.09.2015

      Continue to do a great job !

      Hope there is a lot a people who will become a patron :)

    • Ka_BLEWee - 04.01.2017

      Beautiful work! I just had to add my support via Patreon. 

    • BadButton - 04.01.2017

      Thanks a lot Ka_BLEWee, your support is highly appreciated smile

    • Märt Vunk - 16.04.2017

      Give us Paypal account here, i will give direct donation. I am really tankful that you implemented last 100 battles option that we requested some time ago. I have had great use for that.

      NVM found it....

      Best regard Märt Vunk

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