Here are some screenshots to showcase the key functions in Wot Numbers.

Home screen

Displays overall performance. Possible to customize by selecting gadgets.

Tank view

Displays a list of all your tanks.

Battles view

Displays a list of all recorded battles.


The views for tank and battles can be filtered to limit the display.

Tank filter

Filter on nation, tank type or tier. Multiple selections can be made to create the desired view.

Battle mode filter

Filter on the various battle modes, including the new Strongholds mode.

Battle time filter

Create a time based scope of today's or older battles.


The battle view can display battles grouped by tank to calculate either average or summed up values.

Selecting and modifying views

When you start the application for the first time, the tank and battle views will show a pre-defined set of columns. You can either keep the default views or create your own custom views.

Creating a custom view

Custom views allow you to define what the tank and battle views should look like by selecting from the list of available columns.

Favourite tank lists

Create your own collections of tanks to be shown in the tank or battle views.

In-garage list

To create a list based on the tanks that are currently in your garage you you will need your Wargaming ID. The login is embedded in Wot Numbers and leads to the update-garage-list-function.


Create your own charts to view your progress.

Multiple graphs can be added to the same chart. Hovering over the graph shows the current value.

Right-click menus

Right-clicking a tank or battle provides easy access to some functions.

Grinding setup

In the grinding setup you can track your progress on a specific tank and determine when you reach your goal, such as researching the next tank or a module (once the initial values are set, they will automatically be updated by the system after each battle).

Importing battles from WOT Statistics

If you've previously used WOT Statistics, you can import your battles into Wot Numbers.

Application settings

The application allows you to specify some settings, e.g. running on MS SQL Server instead of the default SQLite. Using SQLite is however recommended for unexperienced users and requires no additional setup/installation.

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