Installation and setup instructions
The installation and setup process is quite simple, for users who would like to know about alternatives read this article.

After download select to run the downloaded msi-file and follow the instructions. We recommend installing to default file location.

The msi-file can be deleted after successful install. 

Shortcut for starting the program will be added to the Windows start menu. 

All user related files (settings, log file, etc) wil be located in this folder: %appdata%\Wot Numbers.

By default the application will be storing data in a SQLite database. This option is recommended for basic users. There is also an option in the application settings to switch to MS SQL Server, which will give some performance advantages. We recommend this option for advanced users that already have such a server running or whishes to install one (e.g. the free Express edition).

After installation and initial setup we recommend importing battle data from WOT Statistics if you have used this system previously. The import function is found under the Settings menu.

Initially the tank list will display all tanks you have researched. There are various options for filtering the list, and we recommend creating a favourite tank list using the "In Garage" function. You'll find this useful function here: