Getting started with Wot Numbers
This is a easy guide on how to get started using Wot Numbers application.


Download the Wot Numbers application from the download page.

Install Instructions

After downloading is done start the installer, both first-time install and upgrading from a previous version is taken care of by the installer.

You will be suggested to start Wot Numbers after the installation is done, if you skip this you will find a statup icon in the Windows start menu.

Detailed installation instructions can be found here: Installation and setup instructions

User Guide

Please check our User Guide for more information if you are performing a first-time installation. As a minimum we reccomend reading Guide number 1 and 2: Wot Numbers User Guide

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    Please search for help in the forum if you have problem with installation. If you cannot find any useful tips, please add a new topic with category Q&A (or Bug if you think there is something wrong with the installer).