Previously pilot version release notes (0.14.6 - 0.15.0)
Version 0.15.0 (released as official version) Added new vBAddict battle parser supporting WoT Version ...

Version 0.15.0 (released as official version)

  • Added new vBAddict battle parser supporting WoT

Version 0.14.19

  • Added possibility to select 2nd Y-axis (displays to right in chart). Making it possible to compare to different values with different scales, the chart lines will then "overlap" within the chart area, for example: WN8 vs Win Rate.

Version 0.14.18

  • Some improvements for opening chart for tank from right click on tank and battle view
  • Added feature for removing chart values

Version 0.14.17

  • Change menu favourite buttons and labels when no favourites exists
  • Saving last used favourite on exiting battle chart, show the last used favourite when reopening charts or restarting Wot Numbers

Version 0.14.16

  • Improved add chart value dialog, now possible to add several chart types showing in a list
  • Added feature for saving favourites, also possible to delete and edit favourite names
  • Bugfix showing chart lines for "All Tanks"
  • Bugfix for "Clear" menu button. For version 0.14.15 it clears the chart area, but after refresh the chart values appear again. Workaround is to restart Wot Numbers.

Version 0.14.15

  • Chart View is redesigned, this is new:
    • Better layout with menu bar
    • Possible to switch battle mode, battle time filter, change x-axsis for showing date/battle, show spline/bullets from new menu bar, this affects all current chart values
    • New dialog box for adding chart values:
      • Easy search for tank, shows by default last used tanks
      • Possible to add several tanks to chart at once
    • When closing chart and reopening, the last used chart values are shown

Version 0.14.14

  • Home View menu structure is rearranged and added new feature for switching between differens home view setups.
  • Switching between different home views is done from the menu "Select Home View"
    • This is similar to the other views (Tank, Battle and Map view).
    • This menu will change name according to what view is selected.
    • The two built in views are renamed to "Default" and "Classic"
    • The five most recent custom views saved to file or loaded from file will be displayed
    • For existing users the current view will automatically be saved to file and named "Custom" when upgrading to this version
  • Editing the home view is now done from the menu "Gadgets"
    • When swithching to another view the system will suggest saving current setup if changed
    • It is possible to clear the recent list
    • The system stores the last used view, and shows it automatically on startup
  • Some better exception handling is implemented to avoid errors if a view is bugged

Version 0.14.13

  • New chart: "Damage Rating" shows the progress in damage rating leading up to marks on gun (also called "marking"). No new chart, it was already included in a previous version.

Version 0.14.12

  • Visual improvement for nation chart gadget, aligning nation image center below bars
  • Changed battle time filter for:
    • Battles Last 2 Days = Battles today and yesterday
    • Battles Last 3 Days = Battles today and two previous days

Version 0.14.11

  • Improved "Download and Update Tanks..." using most updated tank names and added possibility to reset to default tank details for all tanks by checking: "Overwrite manually edited tank details".

Version 0.14.10

  • Bugfix not showing data in some views when WN8/WN9 expected values are missing

Version 0.14.9

  • Bugfix database error for creating new database
  • Improved performance for "Download and Update Tanks..."

Version 0.14.8

  • Bugfix database error using "Download and Update Tanks..."

Version 0.14.7

  • Added possibility to edit WN8 and WN9 expected values using "Edit Tank Info" from tank view
  • Changed layout for dropdown from button style to textbox style

Version 0.14.6

  • Added new right click menu from tank view: "Edit Tank Info"
  • Possible to edit name, tier, tank type and nation
  • Aimed for players who has tanks that Wargaming API do not report values for
  • Can also be used to give tanks alternative names, example: "Batchat 25t" insted of "B-C 25t"
  • When tank info are edited with custom values, the normal "Download and update Tanks" will not overwrite these values as the tank is flagged with "Custom Tank Info" in the database
  • A button "Get Default Values" will use Wargaming API to fetch the official valus, the tanks will no longer be flagged with "Custom Tank Info"

  • BadButton - 29.08.2016

    Any feedback from test pilots regarding the new feature is appreciated smile

  • Cataseven - 30.08.2016

    Download Link?

  • Zavar - 31.08.2016

    I would be open to testing this out too, can't seem to find a link for it though.

  • BadButton - 31.08.2016

    Test pilots has special access granted, and get pilot versions automatically. 

    Test pilots get all new versions before they are released officially, and these version might be bugged. As a test pilot you get the benefit of using new features before others, and in return we want feedback from testing and bug reports that can require some digging into log file (with debug mode enabled).

    If you guys want to be test pilots on these conditions, just let me know by posting a comment below.

  • Cataseven - 31.08.2016

    I will be glad to help u. 

  • BadButton - 31.08.2016

    New version 0.14.7 released to test pilots. Welcome as test pilot Cataseven, I just granted you access smile

  • Zavar - 01.09.2016

    I would also be glad to help however I can.

  • BadButton - 01.09.2016

    You are now added as test pilot Zavar smile

  • Zavar - 01.09.2016

    Thanks BadButton!

  • Zavar - 01.09.2016

    Updated to the latest test version.  First thing I did was to Download and Update that tanks list.  When I start the update, I am getting an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" dialog popping up about 3 times, however it does seem to complete the update. 

  • BadButton - 01.09.2016

    Thanks' for the bug report, will be fixed soon.

  • BadButton - 01.09.2016

    New version with a fix for "Download and Update Tanks" is released.

  • SupremeClicker (FKA BattleHook) - 01.09.2016

    works great,

    see for expected values WN8 here:

    and expected values WN9 here:

  • Cataseven - 01.09.2016

    Download and Update Tanks is freezing at "Retrieves tanks from Wargaming API" stage

    Waited for 5 minutes nothing changed/progressed

    (2 times)

  • Cataseven - 01.09.2016


    Error during setup clean SQL Lite

  • BadButton - 02.09.2016

    When you get an error like this, only part of the message is visible unless you make the error dialog box bigger. Even better to open the log file and find the same error there. As test pilot you should enable debug mode from Settings + Application settings to get more detailed logging.

    More info here: 

    How to find log-file and understand content

  • BadButton - 02.09.2016

    I managed to figure out this problem, hopefully fixed in version 0.14.9.

  • Cataseven - 03.09.2016

    0.14.9 Works great

  • XrN1 - 06.09.2016

    All the Cz tanks except the T 40 have changed recently. They used to be correct, but now they show as : 

    Edit: Oh it's actually not only the Cz tanks, some other random tanks also have these weird names. Did you manually change them previously? Or are the API's returning different names now?

  • BadButton - 06.09.2016

    The names come from the API, I'll check if another name value is available.

  • BadButton - 06.09.2016

    Released a new test version retrieving the most up-to-date and hopefully correct tank names.

  • XrN1 - 07.09.2016

    Looks good

  • BadButton - 07.09.2016

    Thanks' for feedback XrN1 smile

  • BadButton - 07.09.2016

    New test version with new chart: "Damage Rating". If adding several tanks to the chart, and selecting chart per battle, it shows in a nice way how your marking progress goes for different tanks. 

    Here an example:

  • Cataseven - 08.09.2016

    I added 6 gauges. 3 of them showing wn8 wn9 and WR for all time. 3 of them showing wn8 wn9 and WR for today. after I close and reopen the program gauges showing today results were dissappered

  • XrN1 - 09.09.2016

    New chart: "Damage Rating" shows the progress in damage rating leading up to marks on gun (also called "marking")

    I see there is a "Damage Rating" and a "Dmg Rating", what's the difference? They mostly seem the same, except some values are slightly different.

  • BadButton - 09.09.2016

    Caaseven: The charts just remember the last one until program restar.

    XrN1: A mistake by me, the chart was already added in a previous version money-mouth I'll remove the duplicate

  • BadButton - 10.09.2016

    Version 0.14.14 has major changes to the home view. Please give me feedback:

    • Do you like it or not?
    • Any bugs?
    • Any other improvments / ideas you could think of?
  • MadBroJohn - 11.09.2016

    since last 3-5 versions the download is really slow..i need 10min for download the new update

  • MadBroJohn - 11.09.2016

    after 30min only half download was finished so i cancelled it today

  • BadButton - 12.09.2016

    The charts window are now rebuilt. It is not completely done yet, check details above.

    Here some screenshots:

  • BadButton - 12.09.2016

    A bug is found for version 0.14.15:
    The "Clear" menu button clears the chart area, but after refresh the chart values appear again. Workaround is to restart Wot Numbers.

    Will be fixed in next version.

  • BadButton - 13.09.2016

    Chart improvments released in version 0.14.16.

  • Flayologist - 13.09.2016

    BadButton, im a test pilot but am not getting the feed for new versions anymore. I have .15 installed right now, not .16. something change?

  • Cataseven - 13.09.2016

    Select button says "select at least one chart type"

  • BadButton - 13.09.2016

    Flayologist: the version 0.14.16 shold be downloaded automatically for you. It is also possible to check manually for new version using the help menu button.

  • BadButton - 13.09.2016

    Cataseven: That is correct, the system does not automatically create any favourites for you so the list is empty. You will have to add some chart lines, and then you should be able to save as favourite using the save menu button.

  • BadButton - 13.09.2016

    Suggestion: I can hide the drop down menu "( Select Favourite )" if no favourites exists, and only show the save button with text: "Save as favourite". I guess that would be more user friendly.

  • Flayologist - 13.09.2016

    Yes Bad, I got it, not sure why there was a delay in me getting it. Oh well, solved now.

  • Cataseven - 14.09.2016

    I am sorry but I couldn't find the Y axis option. Does this uptate mean that range of the values on Y axis would more "meaningful" and we wont see a chart like that? 

    On this chart range of Y axis had been arranged according to WN8 so minor changes on win rate cannot be seen  clearly.


  • Cataseven - 14.09.2016

    Can we fixed charts to Home screen? (Not open as new Tab)

  • BadButton - 15.09.2016

    You might select to use 2nd Y-axis for any chart value when adding a new value.

    For example, Show WN8 as regular value and Win Rate on the 2nd Y-axis for a spesific tank:

    Chart gadgets to the home view might be introduced some time in the furure, but it's a big job so I cannot say when tongue-out

  • MadBroJohn - 22.09.2016

    BadButton you can delete me from Pilots because i deinstalled World of Tanks.

  • BadButton - 24.09.2016

    I will fix that, remember to check your mail settings on the forum. 

    Thanx for all help MadBroJohn!

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