How does WN8 average calculations work?
I have been curious as to how WN8 average is calculated. I have noted that after several battles my WN8 average for t...

I have been curious as to how WN8 average is calculated. I have noted that after several battles my WN8 average for those battles appears to  lower than expected. i.e. a 4 battle totaled a WN8 of 2320 but the average showed a WN8 of 430. Is WN8 averaging performed with a special formula?

  • BadButton - 20.10.2014

    Hi oleGoat,

    The WN8 calculations is quite complex - the formula is explained here: WN8 Wiki - The Formula

    The WN8 formula depends on several variables: damage, frags, spot, def and win rate. Each tank has expected values for these variables, if you get higher result than what is expected, you get high WN8 rating.

    For one single battle you either win or loose, so the win rate part of the formula does not fit for single battles. Therefore we use the formula called: WN8 WRx for this calculation. In this formula the win rate is fixed to the expected win rate for the tank used, so this part of the calculation always returns 145 as value. Here an example:

    For all other calculations we use the normal WN8 formula, where win rate also is taken into consideration. When calculating several battles the system summarize all variables, both your result and the expected values, and ends up with a WN8 result.

    It will not work out to calculate WN8 for each battle and make a flat average for those, because the values will not be weighted.

    Let me explain by an example:

    • You play one battle with T1 (tier 1)
      • You make only 100 in damage
      • Expected damage is 224,1
      • You will get a low WN8 - Let's say it is 500
    • You play one battle with IS-7 (tier 10)
      • You make 3800 in damage
      • Expected damage is 1772,5
      • You will get a high WN8 - Let's say it is 3500

    The flat average for those are: (500 + 3500) / 2 = 2000. However, this will not be correct.

    The WN8 formula does like this:

    • Total damage result: 100 + 3800 = 3900
    • Total expected damage: 224,1 + 1772,5 = 1996,6

    The average WN8 for those two battles will still be high because the IS-7 battle will be weighted more than the T1 battle as you can see. The result might be around 3000.

    Another issue that affects WN8 is the win rate, if you won both these battles you will have 100% win rate for giving more value than calculations per battle where the win rate is fixed to the expected value.

    Of course, the other variables as frags, spot and defense also counts, I just made it simple just by using the damage part of the formula. 

    Hope this explained it, not easy to explain this - nor easy to understand. I have spent hours studying this to get the algorithms correct, with some mistakes on the way. We have got our WN8 calculations thorough tested and validated, and they should be correct now. This is a complex area and it is easy to make a miscalculation, so we have continuously an eye on this smile .

  • oleGoat - 21.10.2014

    Interesting..but as you say "complex".. thanks for breakdown.

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