Release notes public versions: 0.5 - 0.10
This is a summary of all releases from version 0.5.6 to 0.10.1.

This is a summary of all releases from version 0.5.6 to 0.10.1.


  • Fixed Battle Result Retriver to support WoT 9.13
  • Added tank images for Czechoslovakian tanks


For the the complete list of changes check this forum topic: 

Here is a summary of the main new features and bugfixes:

  • Support for WoT 9.13
  • Added nation and tank filter for Czechoslovakia
  • Credit income and cost per tank: max, average and totals
    • According to this idea: Credits/game and total in tank view
    • Check out what tank you earn most credits on, or your best income ever smile
    • New columns available from edit tank view
    • New deafault tank view "Credits"
  • Support for replay files
    • Search for replay files for a battle using right click in battle view
    • Possibility to upload replay file to vBAddict manually per battle
    • Possibiliry to enable auto replay upload for every battle to vBAddict
    • Add several folders in Application Settings for locating replay files
  • Improvements for "Damage Rank" rating
    • Added colors for "Dmg Rank" column
    • Added chart showing damage rank progress
  • Reworked "Application Settings"
    • Moved several menu items from the settings menu into Application Settings as tabs
  • Improvements for charts
    • Remembers last chart when reopening chart
    • Draws chart immediately without popup for some selections, making it faster
  • Faster "Update Data from API" by removing import radios, guns and turrets (not in use)


  • Fixed problem with retriving data from WoT 9.12 according to bug report
  • Auto run update all data on startup
  • Added auto install BRR (Battle Result Retriever)


For the the complete list of changes check this forum topic: 

Here is a summary of the main new features and bugfixes:

  • Support for WoT 9.12
  • Added right click menu for showing player profile on web from Battle Details and Summary of Battles
  • Added new columns to Battle View for showing current and progress in rank by average damage:
  • Added new column "Max Tier" for Battle View under section "Battle"
  • Bugfix calculating average values for columns with decimals in battle view
  • Added winrate on Summary of Battles
  • Improved charts
    • Filter on battle mode
    • Options for "spline" = rounded line chart
    • Moved legends to top for better visibility
    • Automatic refresh when changing filters
    • Improved Y-scale
  • Intaller remembers last installed path


  • Bugfix for tanks view, showing colors on win rate column
  • Bugfix for tanks view, avoiding error message using new column "Battles Day" in combination with tank filter "All Tanks"


  • Right click on battle time filter to see actual date filtered in statusbar
  • Added latest tank images, forces run update data from API to fetch latest tanks
  • Added new column "Battles Today" to left of "Battles Day" used in tank view for grinding


  • Several bugfixes for battle fetch, avoding battle fetch data loss
    • credit cost included resuply consumable cost
    • game mode is now fetched
  • Include new tank images (latest: M56 Scorpion)


  • Fixed battle fetch (credit cost and mastery badge)
  • New version of Battle Result Retriever included


  • Support for World of Tanks version 9.10


  • Pre-release (test pilots) supporting WoT version 9.10
  • Added tank images for new tanks in version 9.10 and new tanks introduced since version 9.9




  • Bugfix fetching wrong amount of wins, draw and defeats for battles on battle mode: Global Map


  • Bugfix creating new database
  • Added support for battle mode "Global Map"
  • Added tank images for new tanks
  • Fixed bottom alignment for button "Reset" in forms: Edit tank/battle view


  • Support for WoT 9.9
  • Added tank images for new tanks released latest weeks
  • Fixed bug when selecting "Tank Details" from right click in grid


  • Changed path for installing Battle Result Retriever for the new WoT version 9.8.1


  • Improved battle details, fetch player team and enemy team players
  • Reworked Battle Result Retriver for working against Wot ver 9.8


  • Bugfixes and news according to pilot versions since 0.8.7 (details in separate topic)
    • Support for WoT 9.8
    • Added new colums to tank view: "Rank by average damage" and "Marks on Gun"
    • Included installer for WoT Battle Result Retriever (BRR) modpack from locastan
    • Several bugfixes and improvements for create/change database


  • Fixed bug avoiding new battles to be fetched, bug affected all users when upgrading to ver 0.8.6.


  • Bugfix retrieving battle data, mapping between data fields from WoT game client and database fields in Wot Numbers fixed.


  • Bugfix new log method, fix bug when running manually battle fetch
  • Improved log syntax for colored view using Notepad++ optimized usinge language "Java"


  • Improved battle fetch, avoid error used together with WoT 9.8 Common Test
    • This version will only show limited battle result used with WoT 9.8 CT
    • Battles in battle view will be shown with a red number in row header (to left of grid)
    • Values like XP, credits, map, team players and more will be missing
    • Looking at battles using "Battle Details" will show limited info
  • Improved logging, ipy.txt log file removed and all logging included in Log.txt


  • Fixed bug when updating from api due to changes is Wargaming API (bug report here)
  • Added auto run on first startup: "Updata Data from API" to get new tanks
  • Included new tank images


  • Implemented updated component for fetching battle data, hopefully solving bug reported by several
  • Added support for battle mode: Ranked Team Battles



  • Support for WoT 9.7 (and public test 3)
  • Upload feature for vBAddict
    • From menu "Setting" + "Upload to vBAddict..." these features are available:
      • Possibility to activate auto upload to vBAddict
      • Add token for secure uploads 
      • Test connection
      • Upload dossier
    • When auto upload to vBAddict is activated:
      • For each new battle both dossier and battle gets uploaded to vBAddict
      • If battle upload fails, the file is saved to a temporary folder for later upload
    • Log file will show successfull uploads, and details if not successful
  • Support for batte mode "Battle for Stronghold"
  • Added more info for "Summary of Battles" including a tabbed interface for showing:
    • "Own team" / "Enemy team" showing totals/average values performed for all players for all battles within selection.
  • Added new menu item for the Settings menu: "Show Log Files..."
    • Opens Windows Explorer at correct location showing current log files
  • System detects and automatically removes battle files if content is not readable.
  • Bugfix battle time filer in battle view for "Todays Battles" (reported by: mintik)
  • Removed desktop shortcut from installer due to problem for several users (readonly access to desktop.ini causes error on uninstall)
  • Auto updates to WN8 version 20 and recalculates WN8 for recorded battles


  • Added new component for datafetch supporting new tanks (built by vbAddict).


  • Support for WoT 9.6
  • Reset button added for "Edit Tank/Battle View" to reset system default column setups. Added to solve problems related to the locked system column lists (to solve bug reported by: FR0STY5STAR)
  • Bugfix battle view + filter on tank (Bug reported by: Alfalis)
  • Bugfix sorting on battle view + group by tank (average/totals)


  • New battle mode "Special Event", includes "Winter Showdown"
    • Battle fetch for special event tanks shows complete battle for: "Battle View"
    • Tank stats are not reported for these, "Tank View" will show tank without stats
  • Included tank images for new tanks
  • New columns: "K/D Ratio" (tank view) and "Dmg C/R" (tank/battle view) (Idea from: Alfalis)
  • Included columns "K/D Ratio" and "Dmg C/R" in default tank view
  • New columns: "Team Result" and "Team Survival" for battle view (Idea from: SRQFlyer)
  • Fix sorting for columns: "Time" and "Date" for battle view, both sorts on datetime
  • Bugfix changing battle mode filter
  • Changed "Update Data From API" (bug reported by: RevODekcuF)
  • Fix server time reset bug for gauges (bug reported by: Nunya_000)


  • New features
    • New "Summary of Battles" available on right click from battle view:
      • Using all battles shown in battle view as basis for calculating average battle result.
      • Compared to average values for all battles according to selected battle mode.
    • Added new right click menu in grid for tank- and battle view: "Copy Row to Clipboard". Each column in the grid will be shown on a separate line with column header and value
    • Added IronPython information/logging:
      • Added button "IronPython Environment" in window "About Wot Numbers" for showing some system parameters / language settings.
      • New logfile for running dossier and battle fetch: %appdata%/Wot Numbers/Log/ipy.txt
      • New logfile: ipy.txt is deleted and recreated each time Wot Numbers starts.
  • Bugfix
    • Improved battle handling, detect and ignore faulty battle files, avoid error message and log problem
    • Improved logging, better logging when exceptions occur.
    • Better battle fetch procedure for old/slow computers, processes queued when file operations is slow


  • Added map: "Winter Showdown"
  • Added updated data fetch component from vbAddict supporting event: "Winter Showdown"
  • We do not know if we will be able to record battles played for this event.  We will look into this when the event starts, or sooner if we can get any information about it.


  • Added tank images for new tanks
  • Added new maps and map images
  • Force run on startup "Update from API" to fetch new tanks available from wargaming API


  • Added toggle context menu for battle view: "Filter on tank" / "Remove filter on tank"


  • Improved battle fetch (using updated component from vbAddict)
  • Avoid calculating sum tier in battle view when selecting: Group by Tank - Sum
  • Auto run "Update from API" to fetch new WN8 expected values


  • Support for WoT 9.5 public test
    • Reworked battle fetch method using component from vbAddict
  • Fix API for fetching new WN8 version due to changed API data format
  • Bugfix retreiving API updated for russian server (NET)
  • Improved exeption handling for log file, in case of file locking


  • Server reset / new day changed from 5AM to 7AM for gadgets
  • Fix bug not creating new database in correct subfolder
  • Implemeted new data component from vbAddict fetching new map: "Stalingrad"


  • Bugfix screen tearing when scrolling in battle details
  • Bugfix tank filter menu text
  • Bugfix fetching game mode
    • Renamed column "Game Type" to "Game Mode"
    • Changed values for previously fetched data: "ctf" => "Standard", "domination" => "Encounter"


  • Fixed bug causing icons for chart gadgets not showing nations and tank type in line with bars


  • Support for WoT 9.4
  • Reworked menu item "Settings" + "Manual Check for New Battles"
    • Will open a dialog box with option to run "Force update all data"
    • This will be a more user friendly solution, dialog box text will explain options


  • Custom date filter for battle time (from any date / time -> to any date / time)
    • This will be useful to get total stats for any selected period of time
  • Added new tank filter "All Tanks" - showing all tanks, also not owned
    • Old filter showing all owned tanks is renamed to "My Tanks"
  • Added new Fury tank as part of upgrade since tank not yet available from wargaming EU API 
  • Added image for Fury tank
  • Fixed reading not-spotted enemy tank in clan war by adding (hidden) "Unknown" tanks
  • Fixed database field "ID" for table "battlePlayer" for SQLite database


  • Added support for Wargaming API data fetch and In-Garage support for russian server (RU)
  • Fixed wrong image being displayed for Type 59
  • Removed right click menu in battle view for WN8 rating details (now included as part of Battle Details)

Also included from previous test versions (tested by pilot testers):


  • New feature "Battle review" added for Battle Details
    • Possibility to add battle comment
    • Map for current battle (possible to paint on map and save)
    • Other battle reviews for optional filters: tank, map, battlemode, clan


  • Improved grid handling in main form
    • Set focus to grid when swithcing view (no need to click into grid to make mouse wheel scrolling available)
    • If only horizontal scrollbar is visible, mouse wheel scrolling is horizontal
  • Included new "Fury" tank image
  • Optional setting in "Application Layout":
    • Possible to use system tray icon instead of task bar icon
    • Possible to minimize to System Tray/Task Bar instead of exiting application
  • Added "Exit" menu from Settings menu and as right click on sys tray icon


  • Bugfix for capturing player data with SQLite database
  • Changed background color for current player in battle details team grids
  • Fixed sorting for SQLite database (not implemented reverse sorting and glypth yet)


  • Added new system battle view: "Skirmish"


  • Bugfix for capturing player data with SQLite database


  • Address bar showing URL added to web browser for the "In Garage" authentication
  • Feature for recalculation of WN8 ratings for battles when new expected values are fetched
    • Force run when this version is installed
    • Force run after running "Update data from API..." if new expected values is retreived
    • Possible to run manually from settings menu
  • Added WN8 details for tank from tank view
  • Changed default battle mode for tank view to: "Random, Tank Company"
  • Added support for reading "unknown" tanks from WoT as visible tanks, includes fetch of "Karl". This avoids errors when WoT releases new tanks in game before included in their API. Tanks used in special game modes do not return any data WoT dossier file, so no tank stats or battle result will be fetched, just the tank.
  • Added new button in main form toolstrip (to the left) for starting WoT game client from Wot Numbers.
    • First time this button is pressed, the settings are shown
    • From the settings select "Wot Launcher Settings..." to change settings
    • Possible to start Launcher or game directly
    • Possible to also run a batch file or additional program
    • Possible to set autorun = run this automatically when Wot Numbers is started
    • Optimazion mode allows setting affinity (what CPU's to use) and process priority
  • Added several battle mode filters for battle view
    • Separated "Random" and "Tank Company"
    • New "Random - Solo / Platoon"
    • New "Clan Wars"
  • Some memory uasage improvements (reduce memory usage 10-20%)
  • New feature "Battle Details":
    • Getting more battle details to be shown in battle view
      • Platoon participants count (0 if no platoon, 2 or 3 if played in platoon)
      • Killed by (name of user)
      • Played against clan (for CW, TC, Skirmishes)
      • Industrial Resources (IR) earned for skimsihes
        • My IR
        • My clan IR
        • Enemy clan IR
    • New "battle details" window available on right click from battle view
      • Showing detailed result for one spesific battle
      • A tabbed interface for showing:
        • My Result
        • Teams Overview (showing all players in two grids - team/enemy)
        • Our Team (showing all players from our team with details)
        • Enemy Team (showing all players from enemy team with details)

  • BadButton - 06.05.2015

    New version 0.8.2 released

  • Joe Regular - 09.05.2015

    Thx guys, great work again! 

    I found a bug though! For my Premium Cromwell Berlin wn8 ratings are not showing up or registering. Hope you guys can fix this. Thx

  • BadButton - 10.05.2015

    WN8 expected values are not available for new tanks yet, same for T-34-85 Rudy and Is-2 Berlin.

  • KenRo2 - 02.09.2015

    With the new 9.10 patch, total XP and credits no longr populating.

  • BadButton - 02.09.2015

    Correct, a new version will be out soon to support WoT 9.10.

  • Fireholder - 05.09.2015

    WoT Numbers v9.6 is still installing BRR to 0.9.9 instead of the 0.9.10 directory.

  • BadButton - 05.09.2015

    You are correct, bug also reported in separate topic. Will be fixed.

  • BadButton - 06.09.2015

    New version 0.9.8 released with bugfix.

  • Fireholder - 06.09.2015

    Cheers smile

  • BadButton - 22.09.2015

    New version 0.9.12 released, a new feature is added to the tank view for grinding:

    The new column "Battles Today" shows battle count today for the tank you are grinding. The number is red when number of battles is less than your goal - shown in column to the left: "Battles Day".

    To achieve your grinding goal within "Days To Go" all numbers in the "Battles Today" column must be green every day! tongue-out

  • Quaksen - 16.12.2015
    Quote from: Fireholder1 posted: 05.09.2015

    WoT Numbers v9.6 is still installing BRR to 0.9.9 instead of the 0.9.10 directory.

    Since I found that in this topic, I figured I'd add this:

    WoT Numbers 0.10.0 is installing BRR to 0.9.12 instead of 0.9.13 :)

  • BadButton - 16.12.2015

    Yep, quite correct. Will come a patch for this asap!

  • BadButton - 16.12.2015

    New version released fixing BRR, now installed to 0.9.13 folder.

    Have not been able to find a new version for the mod, so it is actually the same as for WoT 9.12. 

  • SupremeClicker (FKA BattleHook) - 16.12.2015

    What happend to the day filter in the battles screen ????

    while writing this, it appears that this has been fixed in WoT Numbers 10.0.1

    Thank you ;)

  • BadButton - 17.12.2015

    Hi BattleHook, there was actually no change to the battle time filter in the latest release, but it could be that some of the other changes fixed it anyway. The toolbar is updated when changig the view, and if an error occur in the process of changing to another view the toolbar will not change and some menu buttons will normally miss out. 

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